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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Your Monday Morning Roadside Distraction Compliments of CBS Billboards and Councilman Huizar

"Male drivers may get another wood-related byproduct after viewing this billboard".
Great late Sunday evening to all as you ready yourself for a great night of sleep to rejuvenate the body and mind for another week of gainful employment or dependency on the Obama White House. For those heading westward into Downtown LA via Valley Blvd. from University Hill eastwards, you have or will now take notice of this explicit CBS Billboard that prompted multiple complaints at the most recent LA-32 Neighborhood Council Meeting.  
CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar's El Sereno Field Office Director Arturo Gonzalez (observing from passenger seat of LAPD vehicle), who is known to use LAPD resources to keep tabs on community issues (or law-abiding constituents protest the dumping of sex offenders parolees in El Sereno), took umbrage (and unlawfully interrupted the LA 32 NC Meeting) after LA-32 NC Executive Board Member Linda McGuire's comment that the council office should be on top of issues such as explicated billboards.
But as this 2007 CBS billboard shows, Councilman Huizar has a long, friendly history and connection to "Big Billboard" in the City of Los Angeles. In his last re-election battle in 2011, CBS donated this in free billboard space to Huizar's camapaign.
03/02/11CBS Outdoor & Affiliated Entities
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(Independent Expenditure)
Jose Huizar
City Council Member - District 14

Huizar for Council 2011 (1325226)[Election: 03/08/11]

03/02/11CBS Outdoor/
Billboard Advertising Space/Printing

Then lets not forget that Councilman Huizar's love of "Big Billboard" was also replicated by Lamar Advertising which posted these graphics all around the council district.
Lamar Advertising of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 90036
(Independent Expenditure)

Jose Huizar
City Council Member - District 14
Huizar for Council 2011 (1325226)
[Election: 03/08/11]
02/14/11Lamar Advertising/
Billboards - Donated Space & Paper

Thus, what are the chances that Arturo Gonzalez spends as much time searching El Sereno for explicted billboards and responding to constituent complaints, as he did in monitoring a lawful gathering of community members concern about the proliferation of sex offenders in their neighborhood? Just follow the money to his boss'es campaign account.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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