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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Delusions of "MEAT" from CD 15

Michael "MEAT" Trujillo (left) dressed up as a "Combat Campaign Consultant", minus "Email Firearm".
Who is the guy in the dark jacket with his right hand over the heart?
The following details a sad affliction that has overtaken one of our own ex. Mayor Sam Blogger/Driver of Mayor Villar/Political Exploiter of Children/Presidential Field Director/Gun-Loving Campaign Manager/ out of work political junkie Michael "MEAT" Trujillo. 
It seems after his "multiple terminations" following the infamous Rudy Martinez email, "MEAT" has been longing for some connection to political success or civic greatness. Whether it is his connection to the campaign to make Dodgers ownership "public". or his work to create new city council boundaries on the behalf of indicted CD 2/7 City Councilman Richard AlarCON, "MEAT" craves being among the political insiders.Yet, because of his "past", no one will take a risk that his "inner devil dogs" will surface again in the heat of political battle.
Thus, it was a surprise to see this email from "MEAT", that insinuated a political reincarnation as a member of LAPD Senior Officer Joe Buscaino's City Council Campaign Team below (** we have taken liberty to offer comments in bold) ** But for the record, Trujillo has no formal role in the Buscaino Campaign via previous press statements and contact with paid staff. Thus, we gather this email (and its pending  deconstruction) was a sad exercise in political delusion ......... or nefarious political trickery.
 From: Michael Trujillo <mhtrujillo@gmail.com>
To: mhtrujillo <mhtrujillo@gmail.com> (sad to see MEAT muttering to self)
Sent: Wed, Nov 9, 2011 5:35 am
Subject: My Best Day Ever! (thought that was your first driving date with Villar?)

Folks, (or the minute amount that still cares).

Last night was my best professional day ever in my entire life. (professional and MEAT are oxymoronic)  We showed that you dont need anything -- the democratic party, the county federation of labor, seiu, ibew, park skelton, john shallman, eric hacopian, the speaker, the mayor, all of the city council, all of the assembly, all of the senate -- years of making deals in city hall. (if for a moment this was true, I fire you yesterday for pissing off those who could help my campaign in the General Election)

The Buscaino campaign just followed some simple words and did what we had to do to be in first place tonight. (Lala time for Mikey)  And for those who were at Election Night -- yes those were real tears (since the night I lost Measure B) -- tonight was the most profound night in my entire professional career.(since you beat a "dead candidate walking" for Tamar)

Joe came in first (one thing here that is true)--- however, we wont stop -- we have already received the endorsements of city-wide elected officials and those who came up short on election day. (who believe in Joe, not you MEAT)

Tonight we released polling from Diane Feldman that shows Joe beating Warren by over 20 points -- this is likely to stay consistent.

So thank you for following us in the 15th -- and who knew a boy from the SF Valley would make every consultant in the city look dumb.  :) (or more likely, laugh at the memory of all the IBEW money you wasted with Measure B)

Michael Trujillo

You can send your thoughts and outrage to Michael "MEAT" Trujillo at the email address above.
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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