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Friday, November 04, 2011

The sinking "U.S.I.S. Pat McOsker" shoots wild accusations in the political waters of CD 15

The sinking "Union, Special Interest Ship Pat McOsker" in CD 15.
 The sinking "U.S.I.S.Pat McOsker" Consultant John Shallman, was also the consultant on the sunk CD 2 "Empty Vessel called Chris Essel".
If the latest wild campaign salvos are any indication, don't expect the "U.S.I.S Pat McOsker" to berth in CD 15 for three terms anytime soon. Conceived by the likes of SEIU 721's Bob Schoonover and DWP/IBEW Overlord Brian D'Arcy, the "U.S.I.S Pat McOsker" set sail from Redondo Beach with $$$$$$ of dues money and consulted by the questionable John Shallman. Shallman, if you remember, was last seen in the political waters of CD 2, floating away from the sinking "Empty Vessel called Chris Essel", holding $10,000 dollars of Essel's personal funds (after wasting half-million + of D'Arcy's dues money), that couldn't buy a City Council seat.
And again. history is repeating itself two years later in CD 15 as Shallman attempts to lead a chosen candidate of the downtown elites to a victory in a council district that distrust City Hall. Sinking in the polls despite leading in Special Interest cash, the "U.S.I.S. Pat McOsker" has resorted to firing off negative mailers (number 9-14 of Pat McOsker mailers) at the direction of Assembly Warren Furutani and Joe Buscaino, in the hope of scoring a "sinking hit" on one of the two front runners.
While noting no response from the Furutani Campaign, the Buscaino Camp has fire back with these responses to the "U.S.I.S. Pat McOsker's" salvos.

Attack #1: Joe is a “George W. Bush Republican” / Joe is a “secret” Democrat.The Truth: Joe Buscaino is a registered Democrat. Pat McOsker is telling Democrats Joe is a “George W. Bush Republican” and he’s telling Republicans Joe is a “secret” Democrat. But what Joe is, first and foremost, is a lifelong resident of this community who is running to make a positive difference. He is supported by Democrats and Republicans alike. In fact, the presidents of both the San Pedro Democratic Club and Harbor Area Republican Club are backing Joe’s campaign.Attack #2: Joe violated city ethics laws by sending out a mailer congratulating Hahn on her election before the City Council special election was called.The Truth: Joe has never violated a city ethics law. As a police officer, he enforces the law and takes it seriously. What McOsker is referring to was not a “political” mailer, so it did not violate any ethics laws.* If it had, the City Ethics Commission would have notified Joe by now.Attack #3: Joe must oppose environmental protections because he turned down an invitation to a League of Conservation Voters debate.The Truth: Joe refused to attend the debate sponsored by the LA League of Conservation Voters because he was one of only 3 candidates invited, even though 11 are on the November ballot. Joe believes that everyone on the ballot has a right to be heard in a debate. Joe is a longtime supporter of environmental efforts. He sits on the Green Advisory Committee of the California Conservation Corps and has made green technology a cornerstone of his 4-Point Jobs Plan.

.....  would someone please call the Coast Guard to report the sinking ""U.S.I.S. Pat McOsker"?

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



Blogger Mayor Sam Fact Check said:

Sadly this Buscaino mouthpiece (aka MEAT) is not ready for primetime.

Let’s state the obvious: Buscaino does not deny the facts in the McOsker mailers. His “fact check” only raises more questions.

#1 -- The fact that Buscaino was a Republican from 2000-2010, during the entire Bush years, and voted in the Republican primaries in 2008 and 2006, cannot be refuted. McOsker’s mailers just reprint Buscanio’s voter registration cards. Hard to deny…

Buscaino was a Republican. He did not vote for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in the historic Feb 2008 election. Wonder who he voted for…?

#2 -- Read the Daily Breeze. Buscaino violated state voter privacy laws by sending a “non political” mailer using the voter file. Remember, the City Ethics commission investigates complaints anonymously and confidentially.

#3 – Buscaino lied. He wrote in his last “fact check” that he voted in the two 2011 congressional elections, and even sent out a mailer to congratulate Janice Hahn. But the LA County Registrar shows he did not vote in those elections.

Happy to set the record straight…. again.

November 04, 2011 2:24 PM  

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