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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

CD 15 Live Bloggin Election Results ........ and Buscaino Wins!!

First Time Candidate Joe Buscaino was the top vote recipient tonight with Assemblyman Warren Furutani second. They will contest again in January to complete the term of now Congresswoman Janice Hahn.
Who will make it to the "Babs Hahn Runoff"?
8:01 P.M. Polls are close and the wait begins. Vehicles are getting ready to head north up the 110 to Piper Tech to count the vote. hopefully the absentees will post shortly. (S.J.)

8:40 P.M. Absentees are in and ........Total of 7,400 Absentee ballots were casted
** Joe Buscaino 2,321, 30.91% GREAT START FOR TEAM BUSCAINO!
** Warren Furutani 1,505, 20.04%
** Jayme Wilson 802, 10.45%
** Rudy Svorinich 779, 10.37%
** Pat McOsker 860, 10.68% "U.S.I.S. Pat McOsker" taking on water!
** Gordan Teuber 463, 6.17%
** Justin Brimmer 238, 3.17%
** Frank Pereyda 125, 1.66%
** Rebecca Chambliss 171, 2.28%
** M. Candice Graham 149, 1.98%
** John Delgado 96, 1.28%

Daily Breeze has great Twitter election feed.

9:50 P.M. We are waiting for the .....First precincts reporting
9:57 P.M. Daily Breeze reports packed, energized party at Buscaino's Election Night Gathering.
10:05  P.M. From Piper Tech, "one ballot, two ballot, three ballots counted ......."

 Donna Littlejohn 
Waiting, waiting, waiting ... for more #LACity results in #CD15. Nothing since the initial mail-in votes tally from 8:30 p.m.

10:40 P.M. The City Clerk has a fiasco on its hands.
With 28% of the precincts reporting at 10:41 P.M.
** Joe Buscaino 2601, 28.70%
** Warren Furutani 2064, 22.77%
** Pat McOsker 1001, 11.04%
** Jayme Wilson 969, 10.69%
** Rudy Svorinich 902, 9.95%

10. Clerk staff watching sinking of "U.S I.S. Pat McOsker".
9. "Ghost of Chad".
8. Ballots did not follow the "Piper".
7. Election Furlough Day.
6. Rudy lobbying for recount.
5. Rebecca Chambliss's dogs chewed up the ballots.
4. ** we interrupt this top ten list to bring you results at 10:41 P.M.
3. Bob Schoonover and Brian d'Arcy filed a grievance on absentee count.
2. IBEW cut the power to ballot counting machines.
1. John Shallman could not replicate a Nuch Victory in place of a sinking U.S.I.S. Pat McOsker

We have update number three from Piper Tech.
With 47% of precincts reporting........
** Joe Buscaino 2934, 26.89%
** Warren Furutani 2706, 24.60%
Things are getting close.

We have update number four from Piper Tech
With 74.5% of precincts reporting.......
Joe Buscaino 3,601, 27.23%
Warren Furutani 3,217, 24.3%
Figure we are getting into the San Pedro reporting area

And we have a final update before midnight!
With all precincts reporting ............
Joe Buscaino 4,751, 29.10% **Message will be heard loud and clear at City Hall. 
Warren Furutani 3,644 22,32% Mayor's choice came in second
Jayme Wilson 1,960 12.01% Wilson gets the bronze!
Pat McOsker 1,618, 9.91% How much UFLAC money got wasted on this disaster? (not one penny!)
Rudy Svorinich 1,479, 9.06% Now time to lobby once again.

Great night for Team Buscaino!!

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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