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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Los Angeles Magazine scores with Mirthala

Shawn Hubler scores the first interview with the symbol of "SANCHA WATCH" Mirthala Salinas.

In a interview that will be posted online tomorrow (story is up as of Friday morning). Mirthala tells all and more important breaks more news with the story behind the "ring" on the finger.

For the likes of former beaus Alex Padilla, Fabian Nunez and Mayor Tony Villar, Friday will not come soon enough, especially for Villar.
More links ahead as this news cycle gets underway.
Link to all things "Mirthala"
LA Times David Zahniser has this up on the Times website
Will the City Council authorize overtime for the "THIRD FLOOR SPIN CHAMBER"???
****Mirthala in the interview confirms the "John and Ken" story about her hospitalization last fall and the connection to her fiance "Yanni", here is our post on that story.
Curbed LA has the link to Mirthala and Yanni's Wedding Page

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Of the 25 Weekend Getaways described on the cover of L.A. Magazine, how many include a few nights with Mirthala?? Woo hoo!!

April 09, 2008 4:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

.....In other remarks to the magazine, Salinas said her friendship with Villaraigosa became a romance in March 2007, two months after the death of her mother. Salinas said her friends encouraged her to take a chance with the mayor.

"I felt special," Salinas told the magazine. "OK, putting the whole world aside, the media scrutiny, the people hurt, I felt special. It was a beautiful feeling."


April 09, 2008 4:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

DAMN, she is such a cutie.

BUT, she deserves everything she gets, because she knew what she was getting into.

AND, she lied, lied, lied as a journalist.

But DAMN is she cute. Crooked nose, but that doesn't bother me.

April 09, 2008 4:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:



April 09, 2008 4:47 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This is Villaraigosa's worst nightmare: his lies, deceptions and distractions coming back to haunt him for a whole month in an election year.

Delicious, kids. Delicious.

April 09, 2008 4:49 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Did she ever stop to think how "special" she made Corina feel?

April 09, 2008 4:49 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Call me naive but isn't it awfully fast that she is now engaged? Shouldn't she at least date the guy awhile before she makes another mistake? I'm not buying this whole victim attitude either. She's a reporter the worst of human kind (sorry David) and they are aggressive and crude so Mirthala can't be that lame. Yes, Mirthala every man says you're special when he's between your legs.

April 09, 2008 4:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Here's a photo of Antonio with yet another journalista. This is from last week. He doesn't learn.
Antonio and hot journalist

April 09, 2008 5:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Somebody needs to slap that ugly bitch !!!!

April 09, 2008 5:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Damn! That photo makes Antonio look like a real sleaze!

April 09, 2008 5:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So she "felt special." Look, she was born in Mexico to a poor family -- when did she and her mother come here? -- never graduated from college, attended some fourth-rate college for a year maybe... And she no doubt thought she'd be the first lady of L A. When Antonio's star was riding high, and she probably dreamed of going all the way...

Now she's on a radio show in a basement somewhere, "settling" down. I don't think she's madmouthing the Mayor, but the Editors of Los Angeles Mag MUST be for Obama or Newsom or Brown for Gov., trying to do him in. I don't think this scandal can resonate a second time. MAYBE making her seem "ordinary" now can actually help.

April 09, 2008 5:40 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

He can't help himself. It's an addiction.

April 09, 2008 5:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

No wonder she felt special. Come on women. Let's be honest. Antonio
Villaraigosa is freaking hot. I don't want to hear one post from a man here. Just the women.
Who thinks the mayor is hot? What's the big deal, so he's hot? He's even HAWT.

You are lying if you don't think so.

April 09, 2008 8:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Villaraigosa is "hot" as long as emptiness isn't a putoff.

April 09, 2008 10:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Antonio is looking older and haggard.

April 09, 2008 10:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Tuesday, a resident of L.A said the mayor was running around chasing Hillary like a poodle during public comment.

April 09, 2008 10:55 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Fabian is hot. Don't see it in the Mayor.

April 10, 2008 2:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

He is standing way too close to that other reporter for it to be a professional interview. She looks uncomfortable but it's hard to tell.

April 10, 2008 3:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Guys, this story is old.

Get yourselves a life.

April 10, 2008 6:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Antonio hot is laughable and I'm a woman. He looks greasy, sleazy like he hasn't taken a shower in weeks, over whitened teeth, dyed hair, too short, bad breath. Word is he has a small dick and doesn't know how to please a woman in bed. He takes viagra and has to drink alcohol. So no dear, the Mayor isn't hot to smart women.

By the way why isn't Mirthala smiling? She looks odd with a cold look on her face.

April 10, 2008 6:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Damn, when I was single I could never find hotties as dumb as this. I should have narrowed my scope on the deer in the headlights Mirthalla look.

April 10, 2008 7:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

She felt special? Yeesh!

I think Tony V would paw any woman who would fall for his toothy grin. I saw him at the Archlight Theater over a year ago, and I swear he was undressing me with his beady little eyes. Maybe he thought I was getting all hot and bothered.

I was! But that's because I was dying to ask about all the trees that were supposed to be planted, potholes that were to be filled - I mean, isn't he supposed to be the "Pothole King" - gangs to get rid of, schools to fix...

It's sad that Marthala can feel so "special" simply from having sex with an incompetent politician.

April 10, 2008 9:06 AM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

He was thinking about the next "pothole" he wanted to fill.

April 10, 2008 9:24 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The article is filled with contradictions. Mirthala says she wants to be private yet does this spin interview. She says she's sorry for the people she's hurt, yet now this story is out Corina and the kids will be ribbed for it. Mirthala seems like a very selfish, ignorant, insecure woman who uses men to fulfill her needs. Antonio dumped her so she runs back to her old flame. That idiot old flame is engaged to her but wait for another man to give her attention and she'll be gone. Mirthala desperately needs Dr. Phil

April 10, 2008 9:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Mirthala interview is clearly part of a publicity effort to resurrect her shattered career. Why else would she do this interview if she is "shy" about her personal life.

April 10, 2008 10:28 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mirthala has an agenda in doing this interview. I think perhaps she made some money off of it and she did it to resurrect her fallen image. She wants to seem like a naive love struck woman who never meant to hurt a fly. Bullshit.

She most certainly was taken in by the fact that he was the Mayor. That was her main interest. Otherwise he's just another slimy politician who fools around with everyone and anyone. He cheated on his wife when she had cancer with her friend. Yeck. Who'd want some of that.

I'm a female and I don't find him attractive. I've met him in person maybe 20 times as a councilman and Mayor. He is very, very short. He dyes his hair too dark and bleaches his teeth too white. His smile is fake. He's a poor speaker who generally doesn't know the issues because he doesn't care. He used to talk to women's breasts until I'm sure his staff told him to knock it off. I feel the only reason he became Mayor is because people disliked Hahn and Antonio is Mexican. That's it.

April 10, 2008 10:52 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Notice the photo inside the magazine Mirthala is looking down. This is a horrible interview and she comes off as a very stupid woman not knowing what she was getting into. However, I don't believe that for a second. She admits they had been seeing eachother many times but as "friends/" Yeah, right by saying that she's admitting they were fooling around way before he was campaigning for Mayor. Read the little house dinner she had for maybe 10 people and as a "friend" he showed up. He showed up for an easy piece of ass. This girl sounds very psycho.

April 10, 2008 11:42 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Imagine Villaraigosa thinking he could show up for a dinner party WITHOUT HIS WIFE and the host just HAPPENS TO BE SINGLE!

Everybody, except City Council, could do the math on that.

April 10, 2008 12:57 PM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

......this is the same night that he jump on the Ameriquest Plane to attend Rosa Parks Memorial Services.

April 10, 2008 1:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't imagine for a minute that this hurts Antonio.

The bloated size of his libido is only eclipsed by his macho ego. He grades himself on how much attention he draws, not whether it falls into a category that anyone even slightly moral might think is "bad" publicity.

Oh, his handlers are pissed. But they should never have tried to make a silk purse/politician out of a sows ear/pigs scrotum.

April 10, 2008 1:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sorry Mirthala, but your affair was going on a lot longer than that. Our staff knew about you and Mayor McSlutty months before the alledged "April 2007" date you claim. I don't buy your story for a second!

April 10, 2008 1:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

My favorite part?

When she says her friends encouraged her to take a chance with him.

That made me laugh for two whole minutes. Imagine the kind of person who is influenced by their friends on that kind of issue.

I guess they're like our city council members. They let their friends tell them whether or not to take a chance on something. The developers make the city council members feel "special".

I'm going to start laughing again!

April 10, 2008 4:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Excuse me, but why the weird protectiveness of Corina Villaraigosa? Isn't she a grown woman? Hasn't her marriage been on again and off again for a long time? If her marriage isn't working, doesn't the failure belong to her and her husband? Why is her unhappiness Mirthala Salinas's fault?

April 11, 2008 12:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

12:31 while it is a sin to steal or cheat on a spouse, it is also a sin to tempt or tease. It takes two to tango. Mirthala was wrong to go out with a married man. Antonio was wrong to cheat on his wife then lie about it. Antonio hurt his family and the city, so did Mirthala.

April 11, 2008 5:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I agree. She married him and after he cheated on her, she went back to him again. She's a big girl now. She can take care of herself. Now everyone wants to protect her. She didn't realize that when he cheated on her during her cancer episode that if he would do it then, chances were good he would do it again someday?

April 11, 2008 5:19 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Regarding the "two to tango" point -- it also takes two to tango in a marriage. How do we know Corina didn't give as good as she got? How do we know the Villaraigosas were even together when he started dating Salinas? No one saw the two of them in the same place for months before he announced that separation. What if this is what happened: Unhappy couple in a miserable marriage finally agrees to part ways and take their time with the legalities for the sake of the kids. He gets lonely first and falls in love with a younger woman. Two months after she finally agrees to go out with him, somebody alerts the press.

April 12, 2008 10:44 AM  

Blogger Red Spot in CD 14 said:

Part-timer working weekends in the "SPIN CHAMBER".

April 12, 2008 12:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Re red spot in cd 14...no, not a spinner, or even a particularly political person ... just someone who thinks the conventional wisdom on this was stupid and sexist ...

April 14, 2008 2:33 PM  

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