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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Scarry Problems Ahead If A.B. 1381 Isn't Overturned in Court

Someone called me to say it seems like I "minimized" the Mayor's authority/power over LAUSD under A.B. 1381. He said, "Don't be TOO confident that it will be thrown out in court, even though it should be, cause you never know what Judge The Mayor is gonna get to next." So here are some scarry things to beaware of if it does not get overturned.

Here's a quick "Best of" (I mean "Worst of") A.B. 1381/LAUSD. And if you wanna read more, go to http://ZumaDogg.blogspot.com and you can read the entire story and all my other recent posts.

* Previously: The Super could cut the Inspector General's budget at any time, in case the I.G. wanted to run investigations for "fraud, waste and abuse" (which is why you hire an I.G.).

So, they fixed that, then made it even worse. Now, the I.G. budget can only be cut once a year...HOWEVER, they made an amendmend declaring, "The School Board MAY appoint an Inspector General to investigate for fraud waste and abuse." (When it used to say, "SHALL appoint an I.G.") And in politics, MAY, means HELL NO, every time. [Why are they scared to require an I.G. to make sure the money isn't being "wasted, absued or frauded", y'all!?!?]

* RE: Now Mayor needs 10% added vote from the other Council of Mayors.

Mayor V. easily already has enough of those Mayors in his back pocket already, cause the only way he could get them to go along with his LAUSD stick-up, was to cut them in on the action. So at the end of the day, Mayor V. DOES have final say on who becomes LAUSD Super, cause they can't get approved unless the Mayor signs off.

* How come the School Superintendent is overseeing a $20 2/3 BILLION facilities/real estate development budget. The Super is supposed to be working on things happening INSIDE the schools we already built for LAUSD, not being responsible for ALSO having to be a wannabee Donald Trump/Mayor Villarigossa real estate moguls.

* PROBLEM: Any expendetures for school facilities under $250,000 DOES NOT require the Super to notify ANYONE...And, if anyone at LAUSD finds out, anyway there is nothing they can do. And anything OVER $250,000 spent by the Super only requires NOTIFICATION of the spending, no input or oversite of the spending. (Isn't that nice of them!) All those little unaccounted for $250,000 here, $250,000 there attatched as extras on-top of the projects, really adds up (in your bank account). Now WHOSE bank account it adds up in, is the question. So watch out for the low-ball bids on school repairs and new facilities if Mayor V. takes control. Cause it's all about those under $250,000 expendetures, y'all!


Anonymous Anonymous said:

The thought of having MAV's annointed in the state legislature is scary enough!

September 08, 2006 2:21 PM  

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