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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Morning Briefs on a Homeless State of Emergency for Wednesday

We are on a bloggin mobilization as the "Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee" (with the support of "Mayor Eric Gar-Soft-ee"), declares a "Homeless State of Emergency", with a supposed, fiscal arsenal of $100 Million dollars pledged, to combat LA's latest self-inflicted policy crisis.  
We are on bloggin "Homeless State of Emergency Watch, Day 2".
When failed public policies such as the former Assemblyman (now City Attorney) Mike Feuer's co-authored AB-109 Prison Realignment impacts Skid Row ..........,
** Blogger's Note: With a bow to urgency, we commence our bloggin mobilization of descriptive vernacular in response to yesterday's drastic "Homeless State of Emergency Declaration" by the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee (with support of Mayor Eric Gar-Soft-ee). Years in the making (via favorable year-round climate, Sanctuary City policies, ease of obtaining Entitlement Benefits, the ACLU, the fact that being Homeless is not a crime ......, and with recent help from AB-109 Prison Realignment), the Clowncil Central Committee's actions can be best describe as a policy action, devoid of a end goal. But what is clear from the streets of San Pedro, vacant Veterans Administration property in West LA , the concrete bottom lands of the Arroyo Seco, the side avenues of Venice, a expensive hilltop in El Sereno, the washes of Sunland-Tujunga ........., and back to a germ/disease-laden Skid Row, LA has a public policy failure of its own creation, that has acute health ramifications for all. Below, we link to pertinent missives and commentaries that highlight the magnitude of progressive policies gone wild ........, and its impact beyond the once-managed enclave of Skid Row---Scott Johnson.
** From 2011, via the Downtown News Three Part Series ......., "State Prison Shift Puts Skid Row at Risk" .........., and since then, the spike in the crime rate has validated those concerns.
** From two days ago, via the LA Weekly ........., "Union Rescue Mission CEO Will Never Walk Again Thanks To Bacteria Crawling On Skid Row" ........, and where do these uber-strains of bacteria originate?
** From last May, via KPPC .........., "Visiting the Arroyo Seco Homeless Camps" ...........and what percentage of the Arroyo Seco Homeless Population were recent inmates dumped back on the streets due to AB-109 and Prop 49?
** From August via the Daily Breeze ........, "Homeless Issue Rolls On as Tiny Houses are moved off a San Pedro street" ........, note the pro-active approach of CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino.
** From August, via US Senator Dianne Feinstein ........., "Feinstein, Boxer and Lieu Urge Veterans Affairs Committee To Support West LA VA Housing Plan" ......., and why has it taken so many years for this to move forward?
** From November of 2013 via "The Foothills, Observed" by Michael Higby ..........., "Latest Homeless Violence Incident at Sunland McDonalds Shows S-T Residents Have Had Enough of Flawed Homeless Policy" ........., and this two days ago via Barry Ira Geller via the same blog ........, Homeless man, found face down in a bathroom at LAX Airport? Where is he now? Two days ago was sent to New Vista Nursing home, on Fenwick street across from the park. What? What? I discovered this yesterday on visiting my LCC Reverend friend, Ed Correll. No one there can figure out why this man was sent here, 40 miles away! Anyone else except the Record and the STNC (who already are in denial) want to deny homeless are being sent to our town??? Maybe some "reporter" who knows how to get the facts (rather than their own agenda) care to check into this? Or does it not matter at all?
.........., the issue of Homelessness migrates to other areas such as CD-14 El Sereno Elephant Hill.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



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