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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Some Mayor Sam Blogging Housekeeping Notes for Tuesday

Some quick notes on the bloggin housekeeping here at Mayor Sam
Keeping the Bloggin House in order is a top priority.
** Blogger's Note: Happy First Day of Fall 2015 ......., or for the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, its "State of the Homeless Emergency, Day One", as the Clowncil turns a self-created, policy debacle, into a Grand $100 Million Dollars (plus) Crusade to rid designated areas of those, who's shopping carts and cardboard housing, are stalling the next round of campaign-contributing episodes of Gentrification in Ciudad de Los Angeles. But before we assume our role in bloggin readiness to cover the latest policy debacle, turned into a calculate, self-serving political crisis, lets take a few cyber moments to update everyone on some Mayor Sam Blog Housekeeping Items;
First, in the wake of the passing of Michael, we are still dealing with tech issues, including the non-ability to moderate comments. For now, you can use our Facebook Page to post your thoughts on the bloggin content of the day. (** Please note that my thoughts on comment moderation is that we may revisit the "Wild, Wild West Era" of free flowing comments ......,, with a disclaimer in place that places accountability in the lap of those Cyber Trolls who can't control their keyboard/fingers/brain coordination).
Second, with the likes of "The Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)" and the "Valley Daily Moldy Green Sheet (aka LA Daily News)" becoming mere fish bone wraps, devoid of meaty substance, its time to venture beyond the cyber and virtual boundaries of our 200 Spring Street-centric focus area ............, and expand our bloggin over watch to areas such as Southeast LA County, where the errant boys (Mario Beltran) to the political elites (Gil Cedillo) by day, are at night, creating copious amount of future missives with their political antics.
Third, as the fight continues over the control of an aging PR/Agenda Journalism Organ for the local Political Machine, its time that this blog become formal member of the Los Angeles Media Community, with the goal of espousing the growth of Citizen Journalists/Communal Commentators.
Lastly, with a busy summer now over, I want to thank everyone who has been supported in our committed efforts to continue on ........, and grow the cyber creation of our dearly-missed friend Michael Higby------With respects Scott Johnson.

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