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Friday, August 28, 2015

Did BHNC President Vera Del Pozo Disrespect the Memory of the Late Ruben Salazar?

Did Community Politics play a role in the denial by Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council President Vera del Pozo, of a request by fellow BHNC Member Carlos Montes, to honor late LA Times Reporter Ruben Salazar, with a "Moment of Silence", on the 45th Anniversary of his Murder in East LA? 
Note at the 6:25 Mark on the video the request by BHNC Member Carlos Montes, to adjourn the Meeting of the NC, with a "Moment of Silence" in honor of late LA Times Reporter Ruben Salazar.
** Blogger's Note: On the day before the 45th Anniversary of the death of LA Times Reporter Ruben Salazar during the Chicano National Moratorium March in East LA, a simple request to honor a slain reporter, (coming just 48 hours after race-related murders of two media members in Virginia), has created a community controversy, with its foundation in petty, payback politics. Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council Member (and its former President) Carlos Montes, made a request to newly-installed President Vera del Pozo, that the concluding meeting of the NC, be adjourned in the honor of the 45th Anniversary of the death of Ruben Salazar and a "Moment of Silence" be observed. But as evident at the 6:25 mark on the video above, his request was ignored/denied by President del Pozo.
After the meeting, a disappointed Montes posted the following on Facebook; "Very sad: at last nights Boyle Heights Neighborhood B.h. Council Board meeting the new president Vera del Pozo refused to hold a moment of silence for Ruben Salazar who was killed 45 years ago in ELA on August 29, 1970 while reporting on the Chicano Moratorium! Send her a message to her Face Book". and born was a Social Media-driven community dialog/ controversy. President Vera's sister (and fellow NC Board Member) Diane del Pozo Mora keyboard this, in defense of her sibling; "Her reason .... it was that the meeting had already been adjourned. There is a time and place for everything. You could have done it at the beginning of the meeting to offer the correct attention and time but no you walked in late. How dare you call her out on like that. You crossed the line. Vera del Pozo Phillip Jr. del Pozo Margarita Mago Amador Beatriz Ochoa Rafael Chagoya Fanny Redhothellraiser Ortiz this is a true attack on her character. But sadly in recent months, meetings of the BHNC have dissolved into personal (and political-driven) episodes of attacks on the character of NC Members. Thus, a exercise in honoring the memory of a renowned Reporter, becomes captive to another vile act of petty, payback politics---Scott Johnson.

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