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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Christmas Eve Facade of a Politico Tonto Family Man brought to you (again) by Parke Skelton

On this eve before Christmas, the Political Consultant known simple as "Parke" (or Parque E.), again crafts the Façade of a noted Tonto, posing as a Family Man, in seeking to sway CD 14 Voters. 
 Is Parke getting too predictable in seeking to consult a Façade that recasts noted Politico Tontos, into loyal Family Men?
** Blogger's Note: Its nice to note on this day before Christmas, there is someone who cares that the blessed spirit of the holidays, is shared with everyone ........., especially register voters. Pardon the momentary feel of Political Deja Vu, but most longtime political observers in CD 14 will agree, that former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar's Political Consultant Parke Skelton, is again using the Holiday Season, to choreograph a political façade of a documented, philandering Tonto, as a rehabilitated Family Man. Its been easy to discern that since former LA County Supervisor Gloria Molina announced that she would challenge the Third Term-seeking, self-noting Princeton Graduate, the husband and wife duo (both barristers by trade) suddenly became more out-going again as a couple. Those with a Pollyanna-like mindset, would find it easy to surmise that with former Deputy Chief of Staff (and alleged "Other Woman") Francine Godoy, settled away with a new job in the Bureau of Sanitation, that contrition, along with renew vows of fidelity, were paramount in priority for the embattled Clowncilman, but then again, its reelection time. Unlike the former Corina Villaraigosa, Richelle Rios Huizar is more engage in furthering her swaying husband's political ambitions, allegedly, going as far as seeking help from the "Tonto Huevon's" Political Papi, former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, in orchestrating the transfer of Godoy into her current position. Thus like in 2003, CD 14 voter will again be faced with a Skelton-crafted Campaign Façade of promoting a documented, Philandering Tonto, as someone (with including enabling wife) that can be entrusted with a Third Term ......., but will CD 14 voters fall for the false façade again, only to revisit the same type of behavior after the elections?----Scott Johnson in CD 14.  
Lets not forget the inclusion of the dog in crafting the façade of a loving, caring man of family Jose Huizar.
Meanwhile, former Deputy Chief of Staff (and alleged Mistress) Francine Godoy, has silently, settled into a new, six-figures a year position with the Bureau of Sanitation.
CD 14 and Los Angeles Residents will remember this Parke-crafted image of a Family Man Mayor, who's "Inner Philandering Proclivities" would lead to political-damaging shame.
But unlike Political Mijo''s Jose Hiuizar's alleged Sexual Harassment of former Deputy Chief of Staff Francine Godoy, Political Papi Antonio Villar's Affair with Mirthala Salinas, did not cost the city any money in legal fees.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Robert- Eagle Rock said:

Nice grouping of P.R. photos of the relevant locals. As an aside, there's a batch of photos in the LA TIMES 2-parter, with today's edition, as father FABIAN NUNEZ and son, ESTEBAN NUNEZ, during court proceedings for stabbing murder of college student Luis Santos. The 16-year sentence dealt Torres from the plea was cut in half by Governor- a favor to dad Esteban. Lots of unsavoriness to go around when it comes to politicians.

December 24, 2014 2:11 PM  

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