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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Images from Gloria Molina CD 14 Campaign Office Holiday Season Open House in Eagle Rock

Great turnout Sunday afternoon for the Gloria Molina Campaign Office Holiday Season Open House in Eagle Rock. 
Welcome to Gloria Molina's Eagle Rock Campaign Office.
** Blogger's note: What were the initial impressions from Sunday's afternoon Gloria Molina for CD 14 Holiday Season Campaign Office Open House? The Gloria Molina Political Brand transcends generations of supporters, both old and young. While today's Open House saw many of Molina longtime supporters in attendance, what stood out was the high number of youthful supporters, who worked the room with donation envelopes. The Molina Campaign is keen on reaping the advantages in matching funds by aggressively seeking the small donations from district voters and judging from the efforts of her team, they did quite well in collecting needed campaign contributions. Molina took time to address the assembled crowd and introduce her campaign team. Lead Consultant is longtime Altadena-based Fred Register, Campaign Treasurer/Manager is Jon Fuhrman, Field Director will be Sue Burnside and spearheading the day to day operations is Danielle Zapata. (**BTW, Mayor Sam has learned that Method's Campaign's Brian Van Riper will be running Councilman Huizar's Field Operations, with former CD 14 Staffer Jesse Leon, managing the Campaign, via Consulting from "Parque")---Scott Johnson.                                                                                 
Gloria Molina addressing the audience.
Tine for John to pitch contributions.
Its mingle time!!
Of course pictures are a must.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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