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Monday, December 08, 2014

Which Way will Clowncilman Huizar Sway regarding requested Upgrading of ABC License for El Sereno's Big Saver Market?

As Clowncilman Huizar touts his Clean Communities Initiative as a reason for reelection, discerning constituents await his "Next Moment of Leadership" regarding the requested ABC Alcohol License Upgrade for the Big Saver Market in El Sereno.
Is it too early to congratulate the Princeton Graduate for standing by his 2011 comment that he only supports Hard Liquor Licenses for "Sit Down Restaurants". Thus opposing the requested ABC License Upgrade for the El Sereno Big Saver Market? 
** Blogger's Note: In 72 hours, CD 14 constituents/voters will get an opportunity to ascertain whether City Clowncil Central Committee Member Jose "Tonto Huevon" Huizar's "Clean Communities Initiative", includes the rejection of a requested ABC License Upgrade for the El Sereno Big Saver Market on Huntington, Drive. During his 2011 Reelection Campaign, the Princeton Tonto Huevon Graduate stated that he was generally in opposition to new Hard Liquor Licenses, unless the were full a "Sit Down Restaurant". But one could also extrapolate from past campaign contribution documentation, that exceptions took place. In the case of the El Sereno Big Saver Market, the owner has made a significant capital investment in remodeling the property, which includes its request for the ABC License Upgrade. But according to ABC documents, the El Sereno Big Saver has been cited multiple times recently for selling either beer or wine to minors. Further, the market is near a church/rehab center and school. Yet, there are those who support the upgrade due to the market's owner long time support of community events, such as the El Sereno Bicentennial Parade and of course, a certain Princeton Graduate---Scott Johnson.
The Official Hearing Notice for the El Sereno Big Saver Market effort to gain approval for selling Hard Alcohol.
Numerous of Boyle Heights and other communities alcohol establishments, within the LAPD Hollenbeck Division were inspected via LAPD and the ABC
Current LAPD Captain Martin Baeza and staff, are to be commended for lowering the amount of liquor licenses within the Hollenbeck Patrol Area in recent times. Yet, community members are awaiting his formal recommendation regarding the requested ABC License Upgrade for the Big Saver Market. 
We should note that Captain Baeza's Hollenbeck CPAB Co-chair and Clowncilman Huizar Loyaltist Mago Amador, has in the past, worked with "Connected Non-Profit Legecy LA", who supported ABC License Requests for the likes of 7-Eleven, as evident on the attached video.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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