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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

The alleged, former LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy's Astro Turf Blog "LA SMEAR DEASY's SCHOOL CRITICS REPORT (aka LA School Report)", commits journalistic malpractice via its now retracted, attack piece on longtime Civil Rights Activist and Education Observer George Buzzetti. 
......., or is it the "LA SMEAR DEASY's SCHOOL CRITICS REPORT"?
George Buzzetti speaking at a LAUSD School Board Meeting. 

With no apologies to the likes of Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto, the "Private Citizen/Political Consultant" John Shallman and a certain "Exclusive One Percent Charter Educator/Tata", this is repugnant, journalistic malpractice via the Bloggin PR Organ of former LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy ......, the "LA SMEAR DEASY's SCHOOL CRITICS REPORT".
The "LA SMEAR DEASY's SCHOOL CRITICS REPORT", went where most LAUSD High School Newspapers rarely venture, when they had to post a "Correction/Retraction" to a factually-challenged missive regarding the recent, questionable actions taken against George Buzzetti by LAUSD.      
As a bloggin, teachable moment for young aspiring commentators/reporters, this is how to eat crow when caught playing loose with the facts, in attempting to allegedly, smear a critic of former LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy's IPad Scheme, as excerpted below. 
In a story last week, LA School Report erred in repeating an assertion without a confirmation.The story quoted Adrian Dove, chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality of California, saying he knew of a letter George Buzzetti wrote to LA Police ChiefCharlie Beck, in which Buzzetti characterized Beck as a “bigot.”LA School Report was mistaken in not trying to establish the existence of the letter. In a follow-up conversation today, Dove said he was characterizing something told to him by Sandra Moore, chair of the Citizens Advisory Board, a civil rights organization that works with the LA County Sheriff’s Department and the LA Police Department and with helping young people find jobs.

Again, with no apologies to the DEASYNISTAS at the "LA SMEAR DEASY's SCHOOL CRITICS REPORT", it would be wise to exercise something called "FACT CHECKING" when engaging in alleged, bloggin Astro-turfing, in the interest of protecting the image of an alleged, Educator with a Doctorate.

........, and for those discerning, objective observers, we post below videos of George Buzzetti presenting his side of the ccntroversy, that smells of a preemptive strike on a noted LAUSD critic of its institutional corruption, in lieu of the FBI's new found interest.

More on Buzzetti's outing of the LAUSD IPad Scandal later ..........

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Simple fact checking!! dumb dumbs school of Huevon Tata Huizzy

December 07, 2014 9:52 PM  

Blogger Rene Diedrich said:

1. George did not leave that message. He bellows . The caller barely burps.
2. Deasy astroturfed everything. He is a grifter.--he played the BOE, the editorialists at LAT and probably paid a overpaid undereducated. Thug from UWLA to make that message. He has been bleeding the district dry as his mentor drains the city of every cent he can.
3. Tamar Galatzan is
A. An idiot
B. A despot
C . A shameless nepotist /crony/ opportunist
D . An affront to justice because she wantonly denies due process, abuses her power and considers the law her personal chew toy

George busted them on the iPad deal coming out the gate . Aquino had no business brokering that deal just after his tenure at Pearson . They always operated like iPads are the only deal in town ....the thing is they are the best choice, but you would never kniw it . The way
deasy rolled iPads out was a travesty begning with the lawless misuse of the bond measure. This is just a part of the crime spree
Note that LAUSD
1. Colluded with UTLA to unload 9000+ teachers app. 90% over 40 because they don't want take on all these pensions . This horror has lead to teacher suicides, foreclosure and homelessness.
2. Deasy used the campus police like Gestapo to intimidate and manipulate and bully teachers , parents, students, etc. the LAPD rejects got a 9% raise no problem. They force is forever recrruitung and is installed in suites at tge Royabkes LC ( formerly Belmont)
3. Deasy used them to terrorize a parent committee DAC, which was disbanded by Deasy after 39 years as an elected group who helps oversee the Title 1 funds. Over $30 million is missing , Deasy apparently juked on yet more tests. These parents were so mistreated they decided to sue.( Hemlock on the rocks will be covering DAC and more acts of retaliation by Galatzan, Deasy . We do our homework but we are not pokite . How can we be with 51/50 slapped on activists and LASR feeding news to the national media as LAUSD / UTLA COLLUSION cheats teachers out if their career ABD students out of an education

December 12, 2014 6:50 AM  

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