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Friday, November 28, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Black Friday

As Americans hit the malls in search of Black Friday deals, eight City of Los Angeles Department Heads/General Managers, are the recipients of 3-5% Pay Raises via the kindness/evaluation of Mayor Eric Garcetti.
The Hash Tag #Raise The Wage LA has a special, prolific meaning for some of Mayor Garcetti's Department Heads.
The City of Los Angeles Coalition of Unions were left off of Mayor Garcetti's Pay Raise Gift Card List. 
With Thanksgiving 2014 a digestive episode in the past, its now officially the Season of Giving and Mayor Garcetti could not wait to today's edition of Black Friday in blessing seven certain Department Heads with "Pay Raise Gift Cards" as the Daily News reports .......
Steve Reneker, general manager of the technology department, is getting a three percent raise, and will see his salary increase from $228,385 to $235,234. General Services department head Tony Royster is getting a five percent raise, and his salary will bump to $220,451. General managers from the following departments are also getting raises: Animal Services; Bureau of Street Lighting; Department of Neighborhood Empowerment; Bureau of Contract Administration; Los Angeles Public Library; Department of Aging; and the Bureau of Sanitation.
Meanwhile, the Coalition of Unions can look forward to below, as advise by Miguel Santana.
** LAPD Chief Charlie Beck was in the Holiday Mood and some 90-plus Ferguson Protesters were able to enjoy Thanksgiving with their communal families. Thus, avoiding an opportunity to enjoy a long, holiday weekend lock up.
Downtown News Jon Regardie presents "Happy Mayoral #Thanksgiving".
Pilgrim Garcetti via the Downtown News.
** Downtown News Editor and "Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie keyboards the follow pertaining to the mystical Second Annual Mayor Garcetti Thanksgiving gathering at City Hall as we excerpt below.
Who sponsored "Happy Mayoral #Thanksgiving?"

The Mayoral #Thanksgiving! will be sponsored by Live Nation, and successfully serving the dinner with turkey and sides will show the world what can be accomplished in Los Angeles. Live Nation, which recently staged the Made in America Festival, will reimburse the city for all costs associated with hosting the event, except for the parts that Live Nation doesn’t reimburse because it’s not written into the contract.

What was on the Menu?

The centerpiece of the back-to-basics dinner will be a humanely treated, 313-pound fair trade turkey named Gulliver who, before sacrificing himself for the Mayoral #Thanksgiving, was adored like King Fowl VI and never once saw a cage. Gulliver enjoyed all the luxuries in life, including straw bedding, hormone-free feed and his own Twitter account, @BirdIsTheWord. Now that he is gone, that account is being managed by Councilman Mitch O’Farrell. Sides will include City Controller Ron Galperin’s famous Big Data Stuffing, City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Problem-Solving Potatoes, and leftovers of Antonio Villaraigosa’s Cranberry Sauce to the Sea. Villaraigosa will not attend the dinner because he’s not invited. Plus, he is probably spending the holiday with Charlie Sheen (#OyVey). Desserts will include a couple council member specialties, among them fresh Tom LaBonge Berries, and Curren Cakes, from Ninth District rep Curren Price. Following the agreement to open the books of the secret DWP training institutes, IBEW union head Brian D’Arcy will deliver a heaping helping of Humble Pie. 
......., that was some great Humble Pie. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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