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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

The City Clowncil Central Committee is considering approval of allocations of Corporate Welfare (ie Tax Credits) for Hotel Developers in exchange for "Card Check Neutrality" for future workers.  
Lying the foundation for the future Wilshire Grand Hotel was predicated on a City Clowncil Central Committee allocation of Corporate Welfare. 
** Old habits are still a cause for consternation, especially when it come to Corporate Welfare at 200 Spring Street. The City Clowncil Central Committee is considering a new allocation of tax credits for hotel projects throughout the city in the hope of stimulating visitation. But in order to qualify for this latest round of Corporate Welfare, you must promise to make your site "Card Check Neutral" for workers.
** The City Clowncil Central Committee tomorrow will review and take action on the USC Health Science Campus Street Beautification Project which included at one time, building an extension of Norfolk Street through Hazard Park. But after united community opposition to the proposed Norfolk Street extension through the existing park land, USC moved the extension north onto its property and preserving the park in its current configuration.
The next step in preserving and investing in the park's sustainability, is to honor the historical, cultural heritage of Hazard Park, by seeking National Historical Designation in honor of late Latino Educator Sal Castro and the thousands of students who gather at the park in 1968 to demand Education Equality, as approved by the LA-32 Neighborhood Council.    
Its time to honor Hazard Park's place in the battle for Educational Equality.
Approved Resolution of the LA-32Neighborhood Council which calls for National Historical Designation for Hazard Park.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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