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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"The Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign EKG Watch", Tuesday Update

 "The Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign EKG Watch", gets a shot of voter adrenalin from LA County ballots to take a 1,793 vote lead over Betty Yee, to hold the second and final spot in the November Runoff.  
A First Cousin Political Duo all smiles (for today).
 First Cousin John for Controller, are you still with us? Yes for now.
 Los Angeles County gives First Cousin John a big Campaign EKG Jump.

From left to right, First Cousin John, Betty Yee and Ashley Swearengin.
 Its 3P.M. on Tuesday and as Ashley Swearengin awaits her challenger for the November Runoff, First Cousin John is benefiting this afternoon from a voter shock of adrenalin from LA and Santa Barbara County ballots to increase his lead to 1,793 votes over Betty Yee
Ashley Swearengin, 980,386 votes.
First Cousin John, 858,957 votes.
Betty Yee, 857,165 votes.
David Evans, 829,872 votes.
But as the facial expression of First Cousin John's designated choice to replace him in the Assembly, Canoga Park's Miguel Santiago denotes below, the end game tally of the votes can still spell doom for his boss. Consider these No Cal Counties with outstanding ballots, compare to LA County's 30,200 votes. All other So Cal Counties (with the exception of Ventura and Santa Barbara, 4,000 votes) have completed their counts.
No Cal Counties.   
Sonoma, 28,105 votes.
Contra Costa, 14,000 votes. 
San Joaquin, 21,940 votes.
Sacramento, 3,200 votes.
San Mateo, 2,129 votes.  
Placer, 8,499 votes.
Monterey, 8,160 votes.
Santa Cruz, 7,271 votes.
Mendocino, 6,918 votes.
Marin, 6,200 votes
Humboldt, 6,021 votes.
Lake, 6,053 votes.
 Thus, while First Cousin John may hold second for the moment, the uncounted ballots noted above show a not too promising end result. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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