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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father Day Notes on the Neighborhood Council Scorecard

As the dialog among Neighborhood Council Activists continues in regards to the proposed Board of Neighborhood Commissioner's (BONC) revamp of Behavioral Protocols/Standards for Neighborhood Councils, no review, commentary and implementation of new NC governing rules, should not move forward without a revisiting of the unjust removal of Michael McCue from the Studio City NC.
 Former Studio City NC Member and CD 2 City Council Candidate Michael McCue.
Its time for a flashback/teachable moment regarding the "Dangerous Enemy(ies) of Freedom (of expression)" on Neighborhood Councils.
On April 21, 2010, Green Party Activist, former CD 2 City Council Candidate and then Studio City NC Member Michael McCue was voted off the Studio City NC by his fellow board members, why? As "Village to Village" Blogger and former Valley Village NC Member Paul Hatfield noted at the time .......
There was a general consensus among both Michael McCue’s supporters and detractors regarding his public persona and interactions –  annoying, grating, verbose
However, the real question before the SCNC Board was not whether Michael was a “pain in the ass,” as one Board Member claimed, but did Michael cross the line on several occasions and violate its code of conduct?

For eight of his fellow board members (with four abstentions) that was reason enough to dismiss the contrary opinion of the majority present (highlighted by the disdain exhibited then by now SCNC Vice-President Lisa "Dangerous Enemy of Freedom" Sarkin as noted by Blogger Phil Jennerjahn) and become the "Poster NC of Intolerance" by riding themselves of McCue ......, until re elected on May 29.

Observers on both sides at the time, could agree that DONE was impotent in providing an objective protocol or mechanism to ensure a fair resolution of grievances at hand as noted by "Lydia"....,

There were better ways to have handled the problems. My personal
opinion is that the voters should decide, not fellow Board Members.
Since the election was only a few weeks away, I consider the behavior of the Board, very inappropriate. I would like to say that the responsiblity, does lie with D.O.N.E. for their lack of interest in really listening to the Neighborhood Councils and addressing the issues.
What has D.O.N.E. done?

Four years later, BONC can use the wealth of commentary from both sides of the McCue Controversy and review the video tape proceeding, in the hope that common sense solutions (beginning with training NC Presidents to be objective meeting facilitators as noted by Bob Gelfand), will foster decorum when diverse fallible and mortal human beings meet under one roof.

Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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