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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Morning Brief on a Profane Los Angeles Politico in search of a Defining Persona for Tuesday

As the initial Social Media-driven buzz response to Mayor Eric Garcetti's choreographed "F-bomb pronouncement", at yesterday's LA Kings Stanley Cup Celebration, gives way to Old School Political Analysis, did the Rhodes Scholar's momentary slip into the "F-ing Gutter", merely reinforce a perception that the first year Mayor is a "Square Peg Politico" seeking a "Defining Political Persona"? 
Will a momentary use of gutter verbiage change a Political Persona in search of definition?
The morning choreographing of a F-bomb pronouncement?
In today's politics, its all about the clickety clicks of attention ......., and regarding a Square Peg Political Persona defining a new edge? Well ...........
Memo to first year Mayor Eric Garcetti, if there was one thing you should of learned from the eight year reign of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, it should of been that choreographing a political persona that runs contrary to the reality of self, can have dire future, political mobility consequences.
You would think that a Rhodes Scholar would have the discerning, comprehension capabilities to not repeat the choreographed pratfalls of fronting a false persona for political gain. But surprise, (or not), your F-bomb utterance yesterday, has made an "ahhhhhuttering ex mayor" look dignified in comparison.
As someone who has had fleeting encounters of substance with you in person, let me utter that many us who voted to replace a Failure Mayor with your Square Peg Self, were making their choice based upon installing a candidate that had the mental, independent aptitude to reform a dysfunction City Hall with subtenant solutions (or merely didn't want to vote for the "Villar/D'Arcy Rizzo Call Greuel of Choice"). 
Last I check, dropping the F-bomb has not changed the following;
** That IBEW/DWP Strongman Brian "D'Arcy Rizzo" has not supplied requested fiscal documents pertaining to auditing $40 Million Dollars of expenditures for two joint DWP/IBEW Job and Safety Training Non-Profits.
** That Team Garcetti has not found a candidate to challenge political nemesis CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar in 2015 (which may have or will provoke a F-bomb tirade from yourself and CD 14 constituents, but I digress).
** The fact that no subtenant Pension Reform have been initiated to reign in future fiscal obligations against the General Fund.
** ......, and that any future attempts to grow revenue at the Ballot Box, will meet with defeat because F-bombs do not reinforce the trust that our political leadership, have the integrity to properly manage city affairs.
The reality is that 24 hours after yesterday's profane shot of redefining self, the buzz of the moment has worn away to reveal the reality that a momentary, choreographed exercise in image crafting, has only reinforce the fact an "inner battle" to redefine a political persona, is in progress ....., and for what reasons? Rest assure Mr. Mayor, its not to promote Herbalife after leaving the Third Floor.
But lets not get carry away in a profane moment and forget the reality that substance is paramount over symbolism in seeking a better political tomorrow. Thus Mayor Garcetti, it would be wise not to lose touch with your inner intellect, Square Peg Persona and move onwards in crafting policy initiatives that may cast you come 2017, as a "F-ing Brilliant Choice" for higher office.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14   

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