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Saturday, June 21, 2014

"The Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign EKG Watch", A Grim Saturday Flat Line Update

Its a grim Saturday as "The Tony Villar's First Cousin John (Perez) for Controller Campaign EKG Watch" latest update shows the former Assembly Speaker bid to make the November Runoff, flat-lining on return of Betty Yee-supporting Northern California votes. 
 A First Cousin Political Dynasty that will come to ahhhh, naught.
First Cousin John for Controller, are you still with us? Can you hear us First Cousin John? John? ------------
 Can First Cousin John find any votes to shock his way out of this latest Flat-lining Episode? Not likely. 
 Its a day after the Summer Soltice Saturday as its appear that the November Runoff for the State of California Office of Controller, will be an all female match up. Since our last update, the First Cousin John 1,700 vote lead has turned into a 659 vote deficit as Betty Yee takes over the second spot.
 Ashley Swearengin, 1,000,285 votes.
Betty Yee, 876,670 votes.
First Cousin John, 876,011 votes.
David Evans, 848,338 votes.
The latest report from the Secretary of State Office on the estimated number of uncounted ballots, puts the number at 8,878, with the vast majority of them coming from Lake and Santa Cruz Counties. Thus, for First Cousin John's designated choice to replace him in the Assembly, Canoga Park (and LACCD Board of Trustees Member) Staffer Miguel Santiago, the grim thought of planning for a "final political good bye", is looking like reality.  
Grim times for the latest Carpetbag Candidate for the 53rd Assembly District. 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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