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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Most Blessed, Bloggin Merry Christmas ....................

On this Christmas Day, 2013, lets not forget the men and women who have protected our freedom to worship the miracle of the birth of Christ on this most Special Day.
American Soldiers celebrating Christmas, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge.
** Special Bloggin Wishes: On this Special Day, this bloggin commentator wants to wish everyone a most joyful Merry Christmas, especially a certain few who are deserving of appreciation from myself for their countless acts of friendship, rooted in character. First, to Glassell Park's Tony Butka who provided the tool to resume my bloggin commentary. Second, my "second mom" Caroline Aguirre, who's heart and character is no match for many in our community. Third, a certain "Neighborhood Council Colleague" who has become my new "Guardian Angel....". Fourth, CD 14 for a never ending amount of bloggin Chisme. Fifth, my "Soul Brother" Santiago and lovely wife Amy, for the gift of wheels. .......... and lastly, Michael Higby for the opportunity to bloggin indulge you all on a regular basis, with the help of "Spollcheck". MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM CD 14!!---Scott Johnson 


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