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Saturday, July 07, 2012

2012 Summer Night Lights commences at 7 P.M. Tonight

Mayor Antonio Villar with SNL patronts
Tonight at 7 P.M,. kicks off "SNL Season 2012" which will be the last Connie Rice, Councilman Eric Garcetti created after-hours programming taken credit for by Mayor Antonio Villar.
Lauded as a crime reducer in At-risk Neighborhoods (by offering homies work for peace), SNL Season 2012 comes at a sensitive time for many At-risk Communities state-wide as thousands of supposed "Non Violent, Non Revocable Paroles" are being set free.
Violent up swings in gang-related crimes in areas with SNL programs (Glassel Park, Highland Park, South LA, Wilmington, Boyle Heights) will surely test GRYD and LAPD resources this summer.
Last year, three SNL participants were injured in gang-related shootings. This summer with the thousands of prisoners roaming their former hoods, the potential for more bloodshed is at an acute level.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14



Anonymous Anonymous said:

Yes, the gangs are definately increasing in their boldness and power in Highland Park, and I sometimes wonder about the safety at the Highland Park Playground, especially with the SNL event.The Graffitti seems to be increasing exponentially, and one young thug flashed the MS 13 gang sign at me and said trece with a big smile on his face right as I was going onto the platform of the Gold Line. In fact, they almost seem to rule the neighborhood; people see and hear nothing , and seem to be becoming predatory themselves: i was told by one, "You must leave everything behind when you move" Hey, I do not have much; what the heck ?: The mentality of thuggery is spreading like a ravaging disease; I hesitate to contemplate what it is going to be like after the cons are released-there seems to already be so many pot clinics and facilities as I have both seen and heard of in Highland Park. No wonder why so many are leaving Los Angeles and California!

July 10, 2012 10:49 AM  

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