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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bloggin Happy Hour Musings on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Great Happy Hour Musings on the LA Political Machine for Tuesday. Join us as we tip the glass and enlighten you on these political items that may find their way into someone's decaff morning coffee in the A.M. ; ) --- Scott Johnson.
Tuesday Night Election Totals Update via LA County Registrar Voters.
46th Assembly District:

JAY L STERNREP 7,73820.2
** Morning Update: Johnson is now down four votes to Stern.
If this looks familiar, it should because the county has not updated this race yet.
50th Assembly District:
Torie has moved out of the cellar!
51st Assembly District:
LUIS LOPEZDEM 6,28724.62
With Chavez supporting Lopez, the question here is whether Gutierrez and Friedberg will join the "Say No to Carpetbag Campaign"?
District Attorney:
JACKIE LACEY237,86832.13
ALAN JACKSON175,39023.69
...... and the political funeral continues for Nuch.

Now Time For Spin The Election Results!
Adrin Nazarian
SAN FERNANDO VALLEY - Adrin Nazarian is the top vote getter in the race to represent the 46th Assembly District despite having been outspent by 7 to 1 by Brian Johnson and the outside special interests backing him, who dropped more than $1.7 million in independent expenditures trying to buy this election. 
Despite this massive investment on the part of Wall Street and Sacramento-based special interests, Johnson currently sits in third-place, two votes behind Republican Jay Stern.  Johnson and his supporters spent more than $240 for each vote Brian Johnson received, almost ten times as much as Adrin's grassroots and community-based campaign spent per vote.
In a clear sign that Adrin is strongly poised to claim victory in November regardless of who he faces off against, Adrin was the top vote getter in 107 precincts, compared to 36 for Jay Stern, 27 for Andrew Lachman, and only 25 for Brian Johnson who displayed no electoral base of support in any corner of the district. 
With the vast majority of votes counted, Adrin Nazarian has a commanding lead as the top vote getter.  With just some of the provisional and late absentee ballots still waiting to be counted, Adrin has received 9,689 votes, 2,500 votes more than any other candidate in the 6-way race.
51st AD Candidate Luis Lopez tours new Ramona Gardens Library with HACLA's Sanford Riggs on left.
Former 51st AD Candidate and now Luis Lopez supporter Arturo Chavez gets his tour of RG Library via HACLA's Sanford Riggs.
From the Lopez Campaign: Today Arturo Chavez, a Democratic candidate for the 51st Assembly District, announced his endorsement of Luis Lopez for Assembly. On June 5, Lopez advanced to the general election for the open seat in the state legislature representing Northeast Los Angeles and East L.A., garnering 25 percent of the vote. Chavez finished a close third, capturing 23 percent of the vote and, like Lopez, emphasized community-driven leadership. 

"Our 51st District is my home. Here is where I have grown up, devoted my career in public service, and raised my family," said Chavez. "These are very special neighborhoods, sustained by the hard work and aspirations of people who come from different backgrounds but share a love of our community. Now, at a crucial moment in our city and our state, we need the best possible leadership in Sacramento. I am proud to endorse Luis Lopez to be our Assemblymember. Luis is a homegrown leader of the highest standards, a unifying and effective advocate from and for our communities, for healthcare, education, good jobs and workforce training, for parks and protection of our environment, for immigrant families and full equality under law. 
 "My own push for the legislature formally ends today. But the vision, vigor, and spirit of my effort carry on in the campaign of Luis Lopez. Together we stand, and together we go forward. I urge all of my supporters to devote their energy and financial support, their heart and soul and voice to his campaign. Working as one, we will ensure that Luis Lopez wins November 6th and is our next Assemblymember."
In welcoming the new support, Lopez congratulated Chavez on the strength of his campaign and cited the bonds of kinship between himself, his partner, and Chavez and his family. "Today I remain grateful to the voters of my 51st District and deeply thankful to Arturo Chavez for his generous endorsement. The respect that we all have for one another is matched by our unity of purpose and fervor to see our neighborhoods ably represented in the Assembly. Those who want community-driven leadership responsive to our interests will have one voice in the general election. I am proud to be that voice and, fueled by this added solidarity, on a path to victory."
"The Say No To Carpetbag Campaign" is coming to the 51st AD!
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in the 51st AD

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Anonymous trojan2002 said:

Mayor Sam has not mentioned the facebook battles between team Adrin vs. Harvey Englander.

Those exchanges were interesting.

If an office of a sitting councilman, with a not so special field deputy in Karo, allows his staff to relentlessly attack Harvey... (Karo calling him corrupt) does that mean the days of Englander, Knabe running the clowncil are over?

June 12, 2012 11:18 PM  

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