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Monday, January 16, 2012

We have a dream in CD 14 .....

 Only in CD 14 would a numerical rating of loyalty and influence come before the judge of character.
To paraphrase from Martin Luther Kings's "I Have a Dream" speech on the political reality in CD14: 
"I have a dream that my neighbors and friends will live in a council district where they will not be judge by a loyalty and influence number, but by the content of their communal character.
Great MLK Day to all as many gather to celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King. On this day, this blogger wants to take the time to honor those within CD 14 who have been selfless in putting community before self, but sadly are judge by a councilman for their loyalty to him and influence. Lets hope that this post can serve as a teachable moment to the Boyle Heights native, that character within our council district is not predicated on political loyalty and the influence garner by these individuals, is a byproduct of their endeavors.
Name:     Councilman Huizar's (loyalty and influence score) ** as documented to the LA Times.

Jerry Schneider (2 and 2) Tireless advocate for Ascot Hills Park 
Ann Walnum (0 and 1) Co-leader of the Friends of the Southwest Museum.
Tom Topping (-1 and 3) Editor of the Boulevard Sentinel.
Luara Gutierrez (-2 and 2) Glassell Park Community Activists.
Augie Barajas (3and 2) Victory Outreach Pastor.
Paula Bagasso (0 and 1) Glassell Park Neighborhood Council Member.
Heinrich Keifer (-2 and 1) Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council.
Mark Kenyon (-2 and 1) Northeast Trees.
Daniel Wright (-3 and 2) Van De Kamp Coalition and Friends of the Southwest Museum.
The Late Scott Wilson (2 and 2) Founder of Northeast Trees.
Michael Larson (-2 and 1) Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.
Paula Crisostomo (0 and 2) Occidental College.
Nicole Possert (-2 and 2) Highland Park Heritage.
Rudy Martinez (3 and 3) Business Owner and former City Council Candidate.
Teresa Marquez (1 and 2) Boyle Heights Homeowners Association.
Monica Harmon (-1 and 1) LAPD Booster.
Jose Aguilar (-3 and 1) Former BHNC President.
Rosalie Gurrola (0 and 1) Former BHNC member.
Juanquin Castellanos (0 and 2) Boyle Heights Neighborhood Association.
Father John Moretta (2 and 5) Resurrection Church.
Father Greg Boyle (1 and 2) Homeboys Industries. 
Rev. Margarito Martinez (1 and 1) Tapia Church.
Father Richard Estrada (1 and 3) Jovenes Inc.
Frank Villalobos (2 and 4) Barrio Planners.
Elizabeth Blaney (2 and 3) Union de Vecinos.
Sal Martinez (3 and 2) Hollenbeck PAL.
The Late Ross Valencia (2 and 3) "Mr. Boyle Heights".
Cynthia Ruiz (2 and 2) El Sereno Resident and Former Board of  Public Works Commissioner.
Eddie Santillan (3 and 2) Honorary Mayor of El Sereno.
Mark Overstreet (3 and 2) University Hills Activist.
Anthony Manzano (3 and 1) Rose Hills Historian.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14   

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