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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mayoral Candidate Kevin James releases first visual ad of his campaign

Former US Attorney Prosecutor Kevin James targets corruption in first visual ad of his mayoral campaign.

The Kevin James for Mayor Campaign is moving forward as it releases its first visual ad that spotlights the need to stamp out corruption at City Hall. This thirty second video follows on the calfs of James three point plan to address corruption and each gets a big thumbs up from this blogger.
First, is the creation of a "Corruption Information Officer" who would be responsible for documenting corruption complaints in all city departments except LAPD. For example, a theater group is awarded a $150,000 contract by CRA for outreach and there is no evidence of any outreach being done, then this officer would be responsible to follow up and notify the appropriate agency of the allegation.
Second, which is sure to garner quick support in CD 14, is the creation of an "Independent Discretionary Funds Oversight Officer". This person would monitor expenditures from the quasi-secretive accounts controlled by the Mayor and City Council. For example, this person would monitor how many "Turkey Giveaway Consultants" and "Media Advisor/Campaign Photographers" are being paid out of these discretionary accounts.
Lastly, is a bi-monthly chance to meet and greet the various General Managers of city departments in a town hall setting. One can envision questioning Building and Safety GM Bud Ovrom on why some of his inspectors request "cash only" to process permits. But intuition tells me that Ovrom would not find employment in a "Mayor Kevin James Administration". 
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Scott Johnson in CD 14      



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