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Monday, January 09, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

 Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky pondering whether to add more years of political service to the  nearly 42 years already accounted for. 
Will former State Assembly Speaker Bob "Huggy" Hertzberg embrace the rigors of political campaigning again in the near future?
This is the crossroads moment in the political lives of two men who would or could be mayor of the nation's second largest city, one fell a few thousand Walter Moore votes short in 2001 to qualify for a runoff that could of led to an "Mayor Hertzberg Era"at 200 Spring Street. The other still ponders whether a run for the Third Floor is worthy of a late life political commitment. But for former Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg and County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, "time and place" are the keys whether to move forward with the another political quest. 
Speaker Hertzberg transition from hugs on the campaign trails to the embrace of business interest since 2001, but the inner fire of campaigning may of been reignited with the redrawing of the 27th State Senate District. Hertzberg tells the Daily News Rick Orlov that the moderate demographics of the new district fit his political leanings and that current Eco-progressive State Senator Fran Pavley, who now resides in the district, is too liberal to win. This prompted Pavley's Campaign Consultant Parke Skelton to respond with ......... "I can't imagine he is in this without thinking it's a stepping stone to something else," Skelton said. "We hear he is being encouraged to run by business interests. No one in the (Democratic) caucus will support him. He will become toxic in Sacramento if he is elected."    
For Supervisor Yaroslavsky, he stated that his final determination whether to seek the city's top job is predicated on whether to devote time from other late life desires into a 2013 run. And lets not forget the recent tumult over redistricting in Los Angeles County, with its divisive racial overtones, may have diminish Yaroslavsky's desire to seek a return to City Hall.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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