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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mayor Villar revisits "revisionist childhood issues" with CBS2

Memo to CBS2,

If Mayor Antonio Ramon Villar gave you a supposed exclusive on some terrible childhood secret, then welcome to the "Johnny Come Lately Club of Local Journalism", regarding the mythical childhood of one Antonio Ramon Villar, as crafted by Campaign Consultant Parke Skelton a decade ago.

The mythical, uplifting tale of an angry young child from City Terrace, who through the strong love of his mother, became the progressive beacon of change in the nation's second largest city, has been debunk long ago by the likes of the Daily News Tony Castro and denied by his own father and family members.

Maybe it was too much to ask, but if I was the young Antonio Ramon Villar's dad, who is on the record as refuting the childhood allegations of his son, then I would think that CBS2 would make an attempt to get a statement on record regarding this supposed terrible secret.

But since CBS2 did not practice the simple art of fact-checking, lets cut and paste the comments of the Mayor's father as made to Daily News Reporter Tony Castro in his definitive missive "The Man , The Myth", that counter the validity of many of Mayor Antonio Villar's childhood claims.

"God knows that I was never an alcoholic and that I never hurt his mother or abused my family," Antonio Ramon Villar Sr. said in an interview, denying the mayor's long-accepted account of his difficult childhood."I know the public has been poisoned against me, but this is the truth, so help me God."      

Not knowing the evolution of how this "exclusive" was granted to CBS2 raises this question, why is Mayor Villar resorting to the retelling of childhood experiences that have since been challenged by members of his own family? Maybe, a viewing public with its increasing short memory span, will be disengage from the numerous scandals of his administration and see him as someone like them who has inner-issues of pain.

But as someone with associates who have life long attachments to Antonio Ramon Villar, the cynic within, sees this as all part of a never ending political reincarnation that places the self-interest of a former child from City Terrace as paramount, father's word of truth be damned or Parke Skelton crafted myths used as needed..

Your thoughts ................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Zorro said:

His father went on to have four children, got them all through college and is still with his wife after more than 50 years - not typical of your abusive, alcoholic man. Yet, his mother dies of cirrhosis of the liver in 1991, who was the alcholic?

Why would CBS do this story without some research. What about the rumors that Tony beat Corina? What about the rumors that Tony accosted a woman at a bar? I would venture to say that making a fool out of your wife in such a public manner is akin to domestic violence.

Too bad this very serious issue has to be discredited by a story about someone with no credibility at all.

January 10, 2012 1:51 PM  

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