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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Another Soulvine Thursday": "Betty and Gal Pals take on the Koch Brothers"

Welcome to "Another Soulvine Thursday" as longtime African American Newspaper Columnist looks beyond South LA in search of a national nefarious political pairing on par with Councilman Bernard Parks and Councilwoman Jan Perry. And with the help of gap pals from NOW and Latino activists to form Misma Pagima to launch a boycott against the products of the Koch Brothers. From Betty.
These brothers and their kin are notoriously and blatantly anti-union, anti-worker, anti-human rights, anti-American and are funding an ultra-ultra right wing political agenda set on the abolition of Social Security, minimum wage laws and all federal agencies. They espouse laissez faire gone amok and are waging all-out war against President Barack Obama — and against us! (who would constitute us betty?)
These old men are crazy and have money to burn (like those old men in that TV milk commercial) and their Koch Industries make a lot of things we buy and use everyday without a moment’s thought. This boycott of Koch-made products is spreading, as every group that has heard about it has joined it. Do not give these people your money. Do not buy any Georgia-Pacific products or anything Georgia-Pacific makes, such as Stainmaster carpet and Lycra fiber. Do not buy Angel Soft, Quilted Northern or Soft ’n Gentle toilet paper, because they are made by Koch Industries. Also, do not buy Brawny paper towels, Mardi Gras, Sparkle, Vanity Fair or Zee napkins, and do not buy Dixie plates, bowls, napkins or cups, as they, too, are manufactured by Koch Industries. Google these Koch people and you’ll get a better idea of why you shouldn’t. I’ll give you some more taboo products next week. (How about corporate welfare through CRA?) 

Betty also has some thoughts about the Janice Hahn worth noting:
THE RUSH TO HAHN — Now that Isadore Hall has chosen to seek re-election to the Assembly and the rancor surrounding the race for representative of the new 44th Congressional District has quelled, Compton’s African-American leaders have joined Basil Kimbrew — and everybody else in the Southland — in endorsing Rep. Janice Hahn for election. Compton City Councilwoman Janna Zurita, Compton school board members Skyy Fisher and Satra Zurita came in from the cold and enthusiastically expressed their support for Hahn. (not looking good for Luara Richardson)

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Scott Johnson in CD 14



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