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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

City CAO Miguel Santana on retaining CRA: "We can't afford it"

Will CRA LA Executive Director Chris Essel become just another face in the political crowd?
** Afternoon Update: CRA LA is going to the "great corporate welfare beyond" as the City Council voted 9-3 to heed the recommendation of CAO Miguel Santana and cut their ties to Chris Essel's bunch at CRA LA. Link here for coverage from the LA Times, Ron Kaye, The City Maven, Daily News and the LA Weekly.
Lets call them the "CRA 192".
The "CRA 192" are a connected bunch, earning on average $100,000+ per year to not answer your questions at community meetings, place parks in redevelopments zones and sell you on the fact that Eli Broad could lose money on a $52 Million dollar garage for his museum of self paid for by CRA.
But with open positions at a premium at DWP and a city in hawk to future pension costs and Occupy LA damages, the likes of Chris Essel, Dalita Sotelo, Steve Valenzuela, Carlos Alvarado and Josh Rohmer may need to update their resumes and subscriptions to Linkedin as Mayor Antonio Villar and CAO Miguel Santana recommend starting layoffs proceedings for the "CRA 192".
Indeed, these are turbulent days for the "CRA 192" as Governor Jerry Brown's desire to recoup CRA money to offset cuts in the bloated state budget become reality all across California. But for the developers who have become reliant on regular allocations of corporate welfare, its panic time! 
As CD 9 City Councilwoman Jan Perry noted to the Los Angeles Times, "Everything is in chaos right now," said Councilwoman Jan Perry, who is running for mayor. "We're getting calls from developers every day, saying what's going to happen to my project? We need to answer them and quickly." ** (its called venture capital) ...... and lefted unsaid by various politicos, is what will happen to kicked back contributions for their next campaigns. Thus, dark days are ahead indeed.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14 



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