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Friday, October 14, 2011

Did Councilman Huizar misled public on city funding for CASA 0101?

Councilman Jose Huizar at CASA 0101 Opening Night with owners Emmanuel Deleage and Josefina Lopez. Notice any CRA logos on the wall?
Like any good and well-paid media person, CD 14 Communications Director Rick Coca will monthly produce the electronic newsletter that highlights the doings of his boss Councilman Huizar. Thus, when a "connected mon-profit" is graced with an appearance by the Princeton Grad turned Politico (** especially when the connected non-profit's treasurer is also a Princeton Grad), we get this "Coca Puff"........
CASA 0101 recently opened its new state-of-the-art, 99-seat live theater on First Street in Boyle Heights. This beautiful new theater and creative workspace will allow Casa 0101 to serve and nurture the creative talents of even more area youth while also providing live theater to area residents in a professional setting.
The new theater rivals any other similar-sized theater in the City and is the culmination of a collective effort to support the arts in Boyle Heights and the Boyle Heights Arts District, an initiative that has received help from Councilmember Huizar as part of his plan to improve major corridors in his district.
Councilmember Huizar assisted CASA 0101 in securing City funds, as well as assistance navigating the City’s oftentimes cumbersome permitting process. 

** But does Coca provide us with any specifics on how much and what type of funding the Councilman secured for CASA 0101? More after the jump.
What specifics that Coca won't provide is not by accident. In the "connected non-profit community of CD 14", adherence and complete loyalty to the "Huizar Way" is paramount in maintaining public flow of cash to your CBO.

In the case of CASA 0101, loyalty (and a Princeton Grad as treasurer) has been reciprocated with these gifts of public funds via Councilman Huizar. One can notice from Councilman's Huizar most recent updated list of CLARTS Fund expenditures (10-18-10), that in 2008 CASA 0101 received $50,000 dollars. Then just last fall, CASA 0101 was the recipient of a $150,000 CRA Grant to showcase their versatility as outreach specialists on the behalf of CRA LA.

As the picture above indicates, Councilman Huizar was in attendance on CASA 0101 Opening Night, thus we wonder if he notice any of the following as highlighted in the CRA contract?

** $67,500 dollars for three employees at $30 per hour for 750 hours of "outreach" work. (the councilman could of gave them "certificates of appreciation" in return for free admission)

** $10,000 dollars for distribution of CRA material in the community. (councilman could of plug giveaway of more CRA money to USC).

** $15,000 dollars CASA performance programs with "full-page CRA logo and Mission Statement.
(councilman thanks could of been added with picture of "Charro" on flyer).

** $12,000 dollars for CASA color fliers with CRA logo. (councilman could of joked about the abundance of CRA paid for gloss).

** $7,500 dollars for half-page color and glossy ad in CASA's Annual Brochure. (** BTW Councilman, have you paid this $945 ad bill to EGP?...... and we would be remiss if we did not remind the councilman of these two contract provisions.

** $10,000 dollars for inclusion of CRA logo and Mission Statement on CASA's website. (Hmm. no sign of CRA on Home Page, nothing on Facebook)

** $20,000 dollars for miss. advertising throughout the term of contract for other events. (Maybe that is what pay for the CASA billboard blight on Mission and Cesar Chavez?)
As we conclude, once you attain "connected non-profit status" in CD 14, you can do what you want with your public contracts, along as you remember to follow the "Huizar Way". (** franchise fee is non-negotiable)
Your thoughts...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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