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Friday, December 09, 2011

TGIF Afternoon Political News Dump 12-9-11: Councilman "Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes" steals a community Christmas Parade in Lincoln Heights

 CD 1 City Councilman "Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes" has once again taken a local beloved institution away from the 99% Community and given it to the 1% politically connected few within CD 1. This time it is the Lincoln Heights Christmas Parade that Councilman Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes has stolen from the community and given to the Lincoln Heights business elites led by the infamous Vera Padilla. In recent years a tug-a-war has taken place between members of the business elites (where is LHNComrade Member Mario Brizo to protect the 99%?) and parade creator Lupe Guillen. The business community see the parade as a great event to bring commerce to the Lincoln Heights Community.    
But parade creator Lupe Guillen (in red) had fought to retain institutional control over her incorporated entity. In response, the likes of Vera Padilla, Esther Rojas, Frank Wada, Ruben Chavez and Sevin Riley of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council, the Lincoln Heights Business Improvement District and Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce (** Steve Kasten and former infamous CD 14 Councilman Art Snyder) had conspired to seize control of the parade from Guillen. And now they found a willing enabler in Councilman Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes. Thus, the former "Lincoln Heights Christmas Parade" planned by and for the community (** link here for 2010 photos), is now the "Lincoln Heights Holiday Parade", a money-maker for Councilman Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes connected business friends.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14   

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Blogger LA213 said:

No one person can own the parade. So this chola mentality of I founded the parade is a bunch of BS.

The Parade belongs to everyone in the comunnity.

The people of Lincoln Heigths community knows that all these people you are trash talking about are the ones who actually do something.

Unlike the "Self Proclaimed Founder Lupe Guillen.

In life when someone has to remind you that they are something....Usually they aren't.

December 12, 2011 5:53 AM  

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