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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Does Pat McOsker have a "Carpetbagging Issue" in CD 15?

 What is factually wrong with this paragraph from Diane Chapman's McOsker Story at City Watch? Despite a rough and tumble start, McCosker (City Watch needs a spoll-checker!) who works at Station 101 in San Pedro on 25th Street, took a leave of absence from his leadership job at the United Firefighters after several firefighters complained that his campaign was a conflict-of-interest with his post. 
Poor animal in need of rest after transporting Pat McOsker's "IBEW and  SEIU IE Laden Carpetbag" from Redondo Beach to San Pedro, in search of political riches.
If a runoff for the vacant CD15 City Council seat were to materialize between LAFD Firefighters Union Leader (on leave) Pat McOsker and LAPD Senior Lead Officer Joe Buscaino, could the definitive question whether to chose one over the other, could come down to "why did you leave San Pedro Pat?" And judging from their respective campaign websites, advantage goes to Buscaino.
Lets state for the record, that the McOsker Family has long distinguish ties to the San Pedro Community with two generations serving the city as LAFD firefighters, but as Diane Chapman's piece in City Watch notes, the issue of residency is one that may haunt McOsker's quest to become CD 15's councilperson;
Like two other candidates, one issue haunting McOsker is that he had to return to the district to run. He moved with his wife, Carla, from Redondo Beach to the Vue apartments downtown San Pedro. Svorinich  and candidate Gordon Teuber, a former Hahn aide, moved from the Palos Verdes Peninsula back to San Pedro.  To run, candidates have to live in the council district which serves Wilmington, San Pedro, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway as well as Watts. 
This fact runs counter to the home grown campaign of Buscaino who still calls San Pedro home and has no plans to move anytime soon. Also working in advantage to Buscaino are those "uninterrupted community ties" that are illustrated superbly by Buscaino Campaign's first class website. Meanwhile. "Team McOsker's" webpage has no use for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and is full of predictable union and political  endorsements.
But rest assure as McOsker  added, that he “missed San Pedro everyday of his life” and wouldn’t have moved to Redondo, but his wife’s family also had lived for years in the beach city and “I had to respect that.”
....... and the likes of my "brothers and sisters" of an extended city union family, wanted me to return home to serve their respective Special Interests.
Your thoughts.................
Scott Johnson in CD 14      

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