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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Councilman Huizar's "Retribution Tour" continues in CD 14

Who on my "constituent disloyalty list" am I going to F... next? Photo by Gary Leonard in Downtown News
The right to disagree, question or dissent is a right in the United States of America but in the fiefdom of CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar, these supposed protective acts are cause for petty retribution and denouncement from the well-paid staff of a vindictive, thin-skinned politico.
Whether its the Historic Downtown Business Improvement District (BID), the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, Colombo's Steakhouse in Eagle Rock or an elderly nominee to Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, the act of disagreeing, questioning, opposing or merely appearing to dissent in supporting Councilman Huizar respectively, has had serious ramifications for all four entities and individuals.
As Downtown News Editor and :"Scribe of Wit" Jon Regardie reports in today's online edition, the Historic Downtown BID's act of removing Councilman Huizar's supporter Russell Brown as its Executive Director, has morphed into a bitter standoff because of the selection of noted Councilman Huizar critic Roberto Saldana to replace Brown (since rescinded under pressure from Huizar). But as the "Gilligan's Island like"  theatrics play out downtown, other examples of Councilman Huizar's political paybacks have come and gone throughout the rest of CD 14 and the political price is mounting for the Princeton Grad.
In El Sereno, the act of questioning the status of the Central Los Angeles Refuge Transfer Station (CLARTS) Fund and a couple of Land Use issues, were the cause of Councilman Huizar's expulsion of LA-32 NC from its office space in the El Sereno Constituent Center. North in Eagle Rock, Councilman Huizar's attempt to retaliate against Colombo's Steakhouse and its General Manager Vic Parrino, was all for naught as Colombo's was able to secure its Special ABC Permit to sell beer at this year's Eagle Rock Music Festival.
`But the most recent, and uncalled for act of political retribution Mayor Sam has learned, was the aborted nomination of Ramona Gardens resident Isabel Ayala to the HACLA's Board of Commissioners. We have learned that Councilman Huizar was the person behind the scenes who opposed Ayala's nomination, for the perceive notion that Ayala supported CD 14 City Council Candidate Rudy Martinez. The fact is Ayala was receptive of Martinez campaign overtures (Ayala and Rudy's Mom Juanita have known each other for years) but did not actively campaign for him. But the fact that Ayala was merely cordial to the Martinez Campaign was more than enough for Councilman Huizar, to hold against her when her HACLA nomination was pending. 
In conclusion, the actions against respected community members like Isabel Ayala and other recent acts of retribution, are going against what should be political common sense, that Huizar's paramount concern be the healing of divisions after a bitter campaign. But for some "not too hidden reasons", retaliation and adherence to the "Huizar Way" are priorities currently in CD 14. 
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Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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