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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Home Grown Momentum for Joe Buscaino in CD 15 Special Election Race

Blogger Notes: There is something refreshing about seeing a home grown member of a community who has done the right things in life by achieving the American Dream and giving back to a greater neighborhood that gave his mom and dad a new home after immigrating from Italy. That person Joe Buscaino, a college graduate and and Senior Lead Officer in the LAPD, has only known San Pedro as his home and many in the community know Joe Buscaino for his ceaseless acts of giving back in the pursuit of bettering their surroundings. Make no doubt, that in Buscaino's Campaign for CD 15, we are witnessing the maturation of a community leader who has forge a coalition of many, who if given that chance, can bring about historic change to CD 15. That is why this blogger is supporting Joe Buscaino for City Council in CD 15. Many like myself who have worked and mentor youth find solace in our endeavors when a home grown kid achieves adulthood and returns to become the next generation of leaders. The community of San Pedro and CD 15 are lucky to have such a person in Buscaino and would benefit from his desire to lead CD 15 to a better tomorrow---Scott Johnson.
Support Joe Buscaino for City Council by giving on Money Bomb Tuesday.
 Joe Buscaino returns to his San Pedro High School roots during CD 15 candidate forum on campus. Buscaino's Campaign just announced the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Young Democrats.
 Joe Buscaino working on Eagle Scout Project in the community. 
Longtime Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda greeting fellow Italian Joe Buscaino at recent fundraiser in San Pedro.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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