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Friday, September 09, 2011

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Friday

Did anyone notice me last night in Washington DC?
Great TGIF to all as our first post-summer political week nears H-hour. In case you didn't notice or care, Mayor Antonio Villar was seated with First Lady Michelle Obama last evening as the "Presidential Teleprompter" shilled line after line about creating jobs. (translate to yada, yada, yada and yawn)
** Meanwhile back in "Greece on the Pacific", a certain Building and Safety General Manager name "Bud" was taking credit for terminating ten of his employees this year for various nefarious activities. Note that there is no new terminations for taking bribes in exchange for permits. I will bet you a "City-wide Sam permit" that a  white-wash is in progress.
** Shall we name this pending legislation the "Gatto Residency Bill"? AB 1413 authored by Assemblyman Paul Fong would grant further protections for lawmakers from felony charges of lying about their residency as witness by the indictments of State Senator Rod Wright. These protections if passed, would provide cover for Assemblyman Mike Gatto who is the subject of a District Attorney investigation of his residency. But updating, this billed has been pulled to until 2012.
** Bravo to Assemblyman Anthony Portatino for exposing to the masses the bully proclivities of Assembly Speaker John Perez. In addition, Portatino had to endure the piling on tactics of the Gatto Truthers at the Burbank Blogger.
** The "Weekly of Record" tag teams in yeoman fashion the marriage of billboards and a football stadium within the "Corporate Welfare City-State of AEG LA LIVE".
Your thoughts...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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