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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday (** Feels like Monday)

FBI coming for a politico and public official near you?
Happy Post-Political Summer of 2011 to all as we turn the final quarter towards Christmas and 2012. 
During my annual Labor Day sequester along the Santa Barbara Gold Coast, a message was received that an indictment of a prominent City of Los Angeles official was pending and this was not Democratic Campaign Treasurer Kinde Durfee, who is to be arraigned this morning in Santa Ana.
So between now and Christmas,what of the numerous scandals could be the cause of this politico's indictment? Here are our Top Ten picks with attached odds.
10. Department of Transportation's Gold Card Scandal 100-1. ** No money trail here (ie. bribery).
9.  Coliseium Commission Scandal 20-1 ** Parks wants a clean sweep of top employees.
8. Pensiongate 50-1 ** Fire and Police Pension Fund need more General Fund help.
7. LACCD Construction Fiasco 10-1 ** California Controller John Chiang calls for criminal investigation.
6. HACLA's numerous scandals 5-2 ** People like Maria Del Angel and Rudy Montiel make this a safe bet.
5. Department of Animal Services 10-1 ** Selling pets for profits demands justice.
4. Mayor Villar's GRYD Program 3-1 ** Scandals a plenty.
3. ADI and Department of Housing 3-1 ** Scandals follow Richard Alatorre like flies on s...
2. DWP 5-1 ** Twenty-first Century version of "Chinatown".
1. Department of Building and Safety 2-1 ** Arrest of civil servants to be followed by politicos?
Your thoughts...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  



Blogger g said:

the public should be in the streets to protest what our government is doing instead they are locked in there world waiting for someone else to save them it's not going to happen. none of the people running for president much less mayor will do anything but keep things as they are. until people organize like unions and lobbyists behind a good cause not a devisive tea party will we begin to have the tools to change.

September 07, 2011 1:47 PM  

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