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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mid-Day Briefs on the CD 15 Political Scene for Thursday

Hope Parke Skelton "does a better job of document control" for his latest progressive client CD 15 Candidate Warren Furutani.
"Campaign Consultant to supposed Progressives" Parke Skelton is becoming "oh so predictable". 
As he did in the recent CD 14 campaign melee, Parke and his polling associates have released a poll of CD 15 "likely voters" that shows "surprise, surprise" his client as one of the frontruners in the race to replace Congresswomen Janice Hahn. The results as crafted by Parke's anoited polling firm.
Svorinich 18
Furutani 17
Buscaino 11

McOsker 7
Now why did we bold Furutani and McOsker's polling results? This is for the benefit of the "brother and sisters" of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor who will collectively endorse someone to wave the proud endorsement banner. No doubt here that the purpose of this poll was to sway union support in the direction of Furutani and with Fed Leader Maria Elena Durazo close friend Mayor Antonio Villar's endorsement of Furutani, the battle among the unions should be just as good as the campaigning between the candidates.
** BTW, the City Council formally approved the dates for the CD 15 Special Election with the primary on November 8, 2011 and runoff on January 17, 2012.
To: “anonymous”. Hey, you foul-mouthed coward. You just publicly used a very dirty and childish term to make fun of my family’s last name. Give me a call, tough guy. -Mike McOsker 310 ***-**** PS:…or come by and see me at **** W. **** St. in San Pedro.

** Wonder what the candidates for CD 15 comments are after the latest Summer Night Lights shooting that took place at Wilmington Recreation Center.  A nineteen year old man and fifteen year old teenager are listed in stable condition according to the Daily Breeze.
** Meanwhile' conditions at Harbor Regional Park are catching the attention of park advocates city-wide. Nature Walks around the environs of Lake Merchado are becoming excursions to into Homeless KOA's.

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