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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mid-day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Monday

Who is responsible for Downtown's Art Walk, CD 9 or CD 14?
The tragic death of nearly two-month old Marcelo Vasquez of Montebello Thursday night during Art Walk festivities in Downtown LA, has evoked a avalanche of comments addressing concerns in the LA Weekly about public oversight of downtown's latest fad.
This email was send to us here at Mayor Sam which we cut and pasted below, addressing leadership and oversight issues pertaining to Art Walk and Downtown LA as a whole.
Dear Mayor Sam,
 I think a blog about Spring Street and complete lack of Council leadership in the historic district would be very timely.
The issue is going to come to a head with the death of a 2 month old boy during Art Walk last night.
As you know downtown is carved up worse than one of those free turkeys Huizar has consultants giving away at Thanksgiving time. Even the Art Walk is divided down the middle between by CD9 and CD14.
Art walk has been completely out of control for sometime, but there appears to be no leadership from either Council Office. I would like to see downtown unified with this next City redistricting. I'm thinking anybody, but Sleazar. CD9 would be better, but I'm even thinking about a new CD1 that would cut over to Eaglerock.
Anyway, this tragic incident is symbolic of a much larger problem. I hope you agree

"The Cape"

A argument can definitely be made for Downtown LA being place in "one" councilmatic district.

** Our Gatto Truthers Loyaltists at the Burbank Blogger find it "refreshing" that Assemblyman Mike Gatto could talk to 50+ constituents at the recent 100th City of Burbank Birthday.Sure "Lil Mikey" was proud to report that upon return to Mommy's House.
** CD 9 City Councilperson and the lone woman remaining on the City Council Jan Perry, bemoans the lost of the former "Reigning Blond of the City Council" to Daily News Rick Orlov. In the spirit of Jan Perry's quest to find a "sister" to replace her, this blogger nominates LA Waves "Soulvine Columnist" Betty Pleasant. Currently Pleasant is "declaring war" on the California Redistricting Committee for their supposed scheme to reduce African-American Congressional Districts.
** If you are reading this in some City of Los Angeles Public Library today, its because proceeds from Measure L are now kicking in. This via some regurgitated press release posted by the City Maven.
** The Friends of the Southwest Museum are hosting a "Summer Soda Tasting Night Fundraiser" this Sunday, July 24, 2011, from 5-8 PM at Galco's Soda Pop Shop on 5702 York Boulevard in Highland Park. wonder if Tom Labonge and "new Autry Friend" CD 2 Councilperson Paul Krekorian plan on attending?
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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