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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Thursday

What happens when you mix GoProud, a gay republican group, with CPAC, the annual conservative neanderthal convention? You get to see the true colors of conservative groups like the Family Research Council, Concerned Women of America, and the National Organization for Marriage. These groups, along with several others, are opting not to participate in next years convention simply due to the presence of GoProud. What's the matter with these goons?  The Party of No remains the Party of Hate (but we always knew that, right?). Speaking of Hate; the Southern Poverty Law Center recently dropped the HATE GROUP bomb on the Family Research Council . The FRC now can count itself in the close company of other stupid groups like the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, The New Black Panthers, The Neo-Confederates and almost 900 other organizations that make up the SPLC Watchlist.

One strong indicator that the US economy is on the rebound is the amount of cargo passing through our ports. Great news! Cargo flow at the Port of Los Angeles is actually surging, with a 20% increase over 2009. Damn Obama! Next thing you know, he'll be giving the US back to the Native Americans.

More big Port of Los Angeles news; Heavy Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell trucks will soon be making an appearance at the docks. An 18 month trial run is set to begin in early spring.

Governor-Elect Brown plans to live up to his cheap ass frugal reputation and will only be serving hot dogs and potato chips at his Inauguration next week. Alas, we'll probably never know what a tremendous, over the top, invitation only, fit for a queen feast, Meg would have served had Nicky and Gloria not screwed up her attempted purchase of the California governorship.

Finally, meet Perry. After suffering through a financial collapse, Perry decided to go off the grid, cash/barter only, DIY, pay as you go. He bought a small bit of land (that seems to always be partially underwater), and a motor home (that really needs some work done) and he's started posting about his daily challenges and accomplishments. Good reading from a very determined and intelligent man.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Sorry to tell you this, Joe, but "marriage," as it is defined for me and many others, is a LEGAL term referring to the LEGAL union between a man and a woman.

It has nothing to do with hate.

I couldn't care less what two people do with their own lives. However, "marriage" is a very specific thing in the eyes of the law.

And, there was this little thing you're overlooking called a legal ELECTION in which the people spoke. To try to get it overturned in the courts is to invalidate a legal ELECTION.

I'm not so sure that Obama would still be president if people were given the chance to undo the election.

With respect to the alleged recovery, those goods are being sold at a reduce strata of the CONSUMER PRICE INDEX.

I won't go into the whole concept of Econometrics for you (I have an MBA and it is complex for your pretty little head), but until the "real unemployment rate" which in California is approximately 18%, you can try to force feed the notion that the recovery is booming, but it's not going to hit the bottom line until this 18% "real" unemployment rate, and the 9.8% unemployment rate subside.

I recall Obama GUARANTEEING us that if we gave him a TRILLION dollars to squander on the NON-EXISTENT "Shovel Ready Jobs", that it wouldn't rise above 8%.

Remember that? We're in the 19th consecutive month of over 9% unemployment.

And even Obama finally admitted that there's no such thing as "Shovel Ready Jobs."

O.T.O.O. One Term Only, Obama.

December 30, 2010 1:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This hotsheet brought to you by the California Democratic Party.

December 30, 2010 7:26 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm with 1:48am, that marriage IS between a man and a woman ONLY.

If the gays and lesbians want something similar, then create something similar. I'm cool with that. But it's definitely not "marriage."

I also agree that the Prop 8 vote is now what is called "Settled Law," and any effort to undermine it is just sour grapes.

December 30, 2010 7:58 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Due to the Bush tax laws, corporations are hiring big time, overseas! That's where all the jobs went and thanks to Bush, that's where they are probably going to stay!

December 30, 2010 8:41 AM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

I nominate 8:41am for Ass Clown of the Year.

First of all, if the Bush Tax Cuts are so bad, blame OBAMA for extending them for two years.

Secondly, tax cuts SAVE domestic work product!!!!

Let me repeat that for you, professor. Tax cuts KEEP things domestic. Tax INCREASES send opportunity to foreign shores.

Get it?

December 30, 2010 9:14 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I nominate Phil Genderbong for the true ass clown of the year! Did you not read what 8:41 wrote? He said tax laws not tax cuts, you imbecile!

"President Obama took aim at Republicans in his weekly radio address Saturday, accusing the party of favoring corporate tax loopholes that encourage companies to create jobs overseas.

The president said the key to job creation is encouraging companies to invest more of their resources here in the United States.

"But for years, our tax code has actually given billions of dollars in tax breaks that encourage companies to create jobs and profits in other countries," said Obama. "I want to close those tax loopholes."

The president pushed his proposal to make the research and experimentation tax cut permanent and allow tax breaks for businesses on capital spending — allowing companies to write off all of their investment costs through next year.

"These are common-sense ideas," Obama said. "When more things are made in America, more families make it in America. But Republicans in Washington have consistently fought to keep these corporate loopholes open. Over the last four years alone, Republicans in the House voted 11 times to continue rewarding corporations that create jobs and profits overseas — a policy that costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year."

With a stagnant economy and an unemployment rate at 9.6 percent, Obama and national Democrats have pointed the finger at the GOP in recent weeks. Democrats argue the economy is still trying to climb out of the hole dug by the policies of former President George W. Bush, and they warn against Republican ideas on tax reform.

The president said in the coming months he intends to fight for tax breaks for small businesses and manufacturers.

"We should reward the people who are helping us lead in the industries of the future, like clean energy," Obama said. "That’s how we’ll ensure that American innovation and ingenuity are what drive the next century."

The argument that a Congress led by Republicans would further incentivize American companies to ship jobs overseas has been a persistent line of attack for Democrats in some competitive House and Senate races this fall."

December 30, 2010 10:25 AM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

10:25am, I'm a CPA who used to be at a Big 3 firm.

Tell us, what's the difference between a tax LAW and a tax CUT?

After you make something up, kick yourself. Cutting & pasting an article which you don't understand isn't a substitute for KNOWLEDGE.

December 30, 2010 11:05 AM  

Anonymous RobThomas said:

I haven't met a person yet against gay marriage who hadn't expressed some type of hateful, anti gay opinion (aside from the gay marriage topic) in the time I've known them. There's nothing more transparent than hate. They're only fooling themselves.

December 30, 2010 11:11 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"used to be at a big 3 firm" is the operative phrase here. Genderbong a tax law can mean everything from how taxes are collected and when to where they are not applicable, to the
rate structure, etc. A tax cut is simply that. A TAX CUT, you pathetic unemployed failed accountant who names himself after his boyfriend Phil Jennerjahn.

December 30, 2010 11:17 AM  

Anonymous RobThomas said:

Phil Genderbong said...

I nominate 8:41am for Ass Clown of the Year.

First of all, if the Bush Tax Cuts are so bad, blame OBAMA for extending them for two years.


Will do.

What is your point?

Do you think that Americans should vote for Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney, or whatever 'assclown' Republicans run in 2 years, solely because Obama' buckled to corporate interests? Did you ever in your life vote for a president and agree with EVERY single thing he did? Sounds like you're playing gotcha. Obama has a lot of flaws and deserves to be criticized for them, but he's still far better than anything even rumored to be produced by the other side in 2012, or any tea party nut jobs thinking of running.

December 30, 2010 11:35 AM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

Rob, you are putting words in my mouth. No, the answer isn't Palin, OBVIOUSLY.

It's with someone who knows a bit about running something, such as Romney with Boston Consulting, or maybe that was Bain. It's about someone like Rubio who can galvanize the Latino AND Conservative/Republican vote. It's about someone like Huckabee, who has huge favorable numbers. It's about someone like Chris Christie who isn't afraid to take on the unions and to slash spending.

Don't be silly by suggesting that people like me think that Palin is the be-all and end-all.

Also, with respect to gay marriage, by definition, marriage is a LEGAL matter that requires it be between a man and a woman. Your transposing your feeling that I, and others of the same mindset, are motivated by hate. Create something different like a civil union. I could easily turn the tables on you saying that you're not respecting the will of the voters. The people have spoken. So, I guess you're saying that ALL voters are motivated by hate. No. Some are, most probably aren't. Marriage is, by definition, between a man and a woman. Create something that is DIFFERENT BUT EQUAL and you'll have what is, in effect, the same thing.

You'll be well served to take your own emotions out of it by calling others haters simply because we disagree. Use logic.

December 30, 2010 12:25 PM  

Blogger Michael Higby said:

What Joe doesn't know is that Perry loves Home Depot and hates Obama.

December 30, 2010 12:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


Same for me! Phil Genderbong

December 30, 2010 12:57 PM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

I meant to sign in. I love Home Depot, too, and hate Obama, aka the one-term president.

December 30, 2010 12:58 PM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

Oh, and let me throw this in regarding unions.

Union members in NYC have confessed that the UNIONS urged them to work slowly and do a shit job in clearly the snow. That caused the DEATH of a NEWBORN.

The NY Atty General just launched a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION of the unions. Watch, you'll see. I'm watching on my office TV now.

Unions are the death of this country and there's no Dem who will take them on. Chris Christie is already doing that. Obama is all about the unions. Meltdown ahead for organized labor.

December 30, 2010 1:03 PM  

Anonymous g said:


December 30, 2010 1:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Joe, you are projecting the loony fringe on the entire Republican Party. When Republicans do the same to Dems you throw a fit. (For example when Republicans say all Democrats are Socialists.) I expect this intellectual dishonesty from Valley Doll but not you!

December 30, 2010 1:46 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If Joe is "projecting the loony fringe on the entire Republican Party" then this would be a good time for the sane Republicans to stand up to the loonies and say something. And you can start here by submitting a comment.

December 30, 2010 2:26 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

2:26, the silence is deafening!

December 30, 2010 3:16 PM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

I'm a Republican though not a conservative. I already said that the vote on gay marriage should be honored. If you want the same rights, create something that is equal, even though it's different.

To suggest that I "hate gays" because of this is to be destructive to the gay movement altogether by diminishing a dissenting voice.

Diminishing the dissenting voice is exactly what Obama does when he refers to Americans who disagree with him as "enemies."

The same goes for anyone who says it's gay bashing to be against gay marriage, even though they should have something that is equal. You only hurt yourself when you do this.

And 3:16pm is a fool if he or she thinks that because I might be the only person reading this and not responding within 30 minutes as a "deafening silence." Grow up. That's just another way that you hurt your causes.

December 30, 2010 3:34 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I guess I missed the day when Obama referred to people who disagree with him as his enemies.

Do you have a reference or a link?

I remember Nixon's "enemies list" and Bush, Jr.'s general philosophy of categorizing people as those who were with him or agin' him.

December 30, 2010 4:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Genderbong, for someone who likes to portray themselves as so intelligent, you do get caught up easily in semantics. Why the heck do you care if gays want to use the term "marriage". As you know, their are so many kinds of marriages. It's real definition is simply joining together. If people call you a hater it's because anyone who is so anti gay marriage likely has ancestors who fought against racially mixed marriages too like in the cartoon. Should they have made up their own name for their unions? I bet you would like blightiage. Black, white, marriage. It bugs you so admit it. Your denying it is annoying.

December 30, 2010 6:04 PM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

If you're too lazy to Google "Obama, enemies," here it is from Wall Street Journal, which I assume you won't accuse of having a bias.


And for love of god, would you please stop trying to counterpoint every freaking reference, such as the Obama enemies line. Yes we KNOW already that he isn't the first. That's not the point. The point is how people are destructive to their own cause when they try to personally tear down people who simply disagree with them. That's why Palin has kept her popularity; people don't like the vicious attacks on her. Believe me, I am no fan of Palin's, but it's fairly obvious the the left's viciousness toward her makes her fans embrace her all the more. ERGO, you hurt your own cause.

December 30, 2010 6:18 PM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

Let me also add something re the difference between Nixon's enemies list versus what Obama did.

Nixon's "enemies" were high powered people who had mass influence, such as John Lennon. It's bad enough that Nixon used the weight of the government to undermine (or undermined as Red spot would write) Lennon's freedoms.

But what Obama did was FAR worse. The enemies to which he referred were those normal folks like YOU & ME who disagreed with his policies and programs. We weren't smart enough to get his ideas. That's the arrogance of someone like Nancy Pelosi, who said "We have to vote for (Obamacare) so we can find out what's in it."

No, Obama put REGULAR PEOPLE down and called us "ENEMIES" because we were against what he offered.

That's a whole lot different than what Nixon did to people like John Lennon.

December 30, 2010 6:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Genderbong needs a time-out. He's starting to bore me on this blog.

December 30, 2010 6:27 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Cute cartoon there, Joe B., but as is typical of radical lefties, the truth is never allowed to get in the way of their "point" as well as what they call "humor" (usually just callous derision of others' sacred beliefs in order to tie them to something that should be distasteful to all -- prejudicial hate).

Oddly enough, the very religious beliefs make the lie of the comparison. Interracial marriage was never condemned in the Bible --in fact it was practiced commonly, including by many of the patriarchs of the faith. Homosexuality is, however, condemned repeatedly there (but also shown to have been practiced commmonly).

There were many silly straw man arguments made in the last century to oppose miscengenation, but perserving the "sanctity of marriage" was never one of them.

The most common had to do with the need for "racial purity" dating back to the days of slavery when it was critical to a corrupt social order to "know" who had African ancestry -- but that was twisted into things like:

"it will be bad for the children"

A straw man not unlike the lie that "gay couples can't have the same survivoship rights" through civil unions.

In practice, it's really the "pro" gay marriage people who are mimicking the warped truth campaigns of the "anti" interracial marriage of old, by mounting vicious attacks on the faith-based beliefs of many that make up the majority opposed in California.

December 30, 2010 6:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

6:41, Huh?

December 30, 2010 8:35 PM  

Blogger Phil Genderbong said:

6:04pm, I don't "portray" myself as sophisticated or whatever word you care to describe me. That's YOUR perception of me; it's nothing I'm trying to convey.

And if you read my words, I'm talking about the DEFINITION of what marriage IS. If you're married, look at your LICENSE. It's a GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED contract, for lack of a better term. It IS a union between a man and a woman. By definition. That's not a semantics thing. It's a hard & fast LEGAL definition.

Since "we the people" voted on it, people need to accept it, or try their options in the courts. The simplest solution is to, again, create a different but equal status.

It's not semantics at all.
Marriage IS between a man and a woman, and the people voted to keep it that way. Personally, I'm FINE with a different but EQUAL status. And here's the difference between you and me: if the people voted the other way, I'd accept it.

So, now that you've tried to accuse me of hating gays...of bashing gays...of playing semantics...of trying to "portray" myself as one thing or another, why don't you take the namecalling and emotion out of it. Namecalling is what people do when the facts don't work their way. Note, I've yet to throw a single name your way. The facts, and the vote, went my way. Do you go to Vegas and complain about the cards you got after agreeing to play the game? No, you just DEAL.

December 30, 2010 9:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Joe B. -You seem like a rational person, who could do well right on his own. Why do you work with Fat Turds Higby and Scottie Johnson?

December 31, 2010 10:09 AM  

Anonymous RobThomas said:

@ phil

Yeh, Bush ran some things before becoming president, didn't he? The ol' "I ran a business, so I can govern" strategy. Such a track record we have from this private sector mavens turned public servants. About the only skill Bush brought to the white house from his private sector experience is bouncing home run balls off of his head like Jose Canseco.

Rubio will galvanize the Latino vote? How? Wow. Yeh. Let's try something that's never been tried before...running a token minority to get minorities to vote Republican. Pure genius. Latinos will never see through that.

I'm interested in seeing these "favorable" Huckabee numbers. LOL. So, you think the country is more likely to elect a religious extremist than they were in 2008? But it will be entertaining to see him and Chuck Norris on the campaign trail.

Americans will vote for Christie because he'll go after unions, meaning he'll put people out of work? Yeh, that'll go over well in his campaign.

As far as gay marriage goes, it's like I said earlier. I'm yet to hear from someone who's anti gay marriage who isn't a racist as well. You're doing a good job of disguising it now, but it will come out.

January 02, 2011 11:51 AM  

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