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Saturday, December 25, 2010

This is why CD2 loves Paul Krekorian

Paul Krekorian began his job representing Council District 2 (practically on day one) by flying in an LAFD helicopter over the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountain range to assess the potential debris flow danger that threatened the Crescenta Valley communities of CD2 (Surprise! Sunland-Tujunga is not in the San Fernando Valley).

The heavy rains had arrived, and Sunland-Tujunga was bracing for the worst. There was some damage, but miraculously, the foothill communities managed to dodge a potentially devastating bullet that year. Councilman Krekorian set up command centers, opened North Valley City Hall as a refuge for police, rescue workers, and anyone else that needed shelter and food. He, and his staff, were available and providing needed services throughout the storm season.

A year later (these photos are from last Thursday), we are very pleased to see the Councilman once again taking the lead in watching over our community.

This is how the job is done right.



Anonymous Anonymous said:

I wonder if Krekorian or any official would go on an excursion like this WITHOUT CAMERAS.

Sorry, Joe, but THAT is how you know they're good or not.

December 25, 2010 8:50 PM  

Blogger Joe B. said:

8:50, He does this stuff all the time. I have seen his work. He's a damn good councilman.

December 25, 2010 8:56 PM  

Blogger Joe B. said:

I don't agree with all of his votes in Council but I do like the way he responds to situations like this.

December 25, 2010 8:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Jennerjahn has his money on Augusto Bisani to defeat Krekorian!

December 25, 2010 9:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Phil Jennerjoke has never called anything for the win. Paul needn't worry about that gadfly or Bisani.

December 25, 2010 9:24 PM  

Anonymous Phil's little willy said:


December 25, 2010 9:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Paul for Mayor.

December 25, 2010 10:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Paul Krekorian is just about the only truly decent elected official in LA. Almost everyone else puts their special interests above all else.

Just go around the horseshoe, and with the possible exception of Eric Garcetti, the rest of them are self-interested, stupid, and sell-outs.

The Mayor is a pantload, the Controller is a grandstanding empty vessel, and the City Attorney, Carmen 'The Clown" Trutanich has all but made it 100% clear that he's checked out and is running for DA. Did anyone happen to catch the true irony last week where the breaking news headline about a major bust of counterfeit goods in LA came from the Controller and not the Clown? Love to be a fly on the wall in Trutanich's bunker next week when he does one of his 2 hour rants and calls his own staff "traitors" for allowing Wendy Greuel to have shown him to be asleep at the wheel.

I know Joe wanted this to be about Krekorian, but when you see how rotten the rest of the Spring Streeet Gang are, you begin to appreciate Krekorian a whole bunch more.

December 25, 2010 10:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Krekorian voted with the rest of the corrupt council to raise DWP rates even after it was shown they were lied to. He also voted to scrap the Ratepayer advocate.

On the other hand, the City Atty fought tooth and nail to recover mispent city funds used for the private AEG-Michael Jackson event, and ultimately he recovered those funds.

Actions speak louder than photo-ops.

December 26, 2010 9:38 AM  

Anonymous trojan2002 said:

Joe, PK ran to fill a vacant seat and not for a full term. He ran at a time when voters were frustrated with incumbents.
He has been on his best behavior since being elected because he knows he's walking a tight rope.
Will he continue to be a good councilman once he gets his full term in March?
He has not been much of a leader inside the chambers of city hall.

I don't think much of him. I think he will out himself as a fraud after March.

December 26, 2010 9:55 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't understand all these Krekorian haters, I live in CD2 and he has been an amazing breath of fresh air after the shitty Wendy days in our district.

His staff is all over the district and they are very responsive.

December 26, 2010 12:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Paul: Best elected in all of Los Angeles.

December 26, 2010 12:31 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"All these Krekorian haters" is just one person- Phil Jennerjahn.

December 26, 2010 12:54 PM  

Blogger Michael Higby said:

No there are a few more Krekorian haters than Phil J. But they are not very many. Is Krekorian perfect? No. Is he a politician? Yes. But compared to what we have he is doing what he is supposed to be doing. Some may say he's doing an excellent job because he's under the microscope of his constituents. Well, duh! Isn't that what they're supposed to be doing?

December 26, 2010 1:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Krekorian is another corrupt politician in a morrally bankrupt system. He sits next to an indicted colleague and has said nothing.

His trolls on this blog need to take off the blinders.

He quit his last office a few months after being sworn in. If he truly cared about his constituents, he wouldn't need photogs along for the ride.

These are empty photos.

December 26, 2010 1:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I agree Michael. That is exactly why we elect council members. To do what WE want them to do. We don't care about photo ops for them as long as they get the job done the way WE want them to.

I think Paul Krekorian is the best. I am very jealous of his constituents.

December 26, 2010 3:58 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Joe you people got Krekorian to spend a disproportionate amount of his time campaigning AND since because you people are loud and made a lot of noise over Home Depot. Which seemed to help foster a sense of activism. But you are NOT "CD2."

Only a small part of it.

And if Krekorian had gone by car or SUV I'd see more to sing about than him riding all cushy in a chopper. OVER everything, in supreme comfort and style. At our expense. If anyone else you DON'T like on this blog did it, like Huizar of LaBong, you'd rail about THAT.

And I agree with 8:50: WHAT A HUGE COINCIDENCE there just happened to be cameras there. Taking shots - at our expense - for his NEXT campaign.

December 26, 2010 7:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

To 9:38 a.m. Carmen the Clown bootlicker (are there MANY besides Berger left?): Carmen the Clown had to apologize to AEG's Liewieke, dummy, calling him one of L A's finest upstanding citizens, over the Jackson flap.

AND what he did was start off accusing the LAPD of wasting "$10,000 for every person there," railing about their OT, instead of thanking them for preventing even a single negative incident by keeping the crowds AWAY.

Shows what idiots the heads of the Police Political League are for blowing a ton of money on HIM just because its heads, Paul Weber, and his $2000/ hour "political advisor" Don Novey, are Republicans. Who just so happen to be tight with Cooley and Zine.

But of course Carmen the Clown has shown he's quick to stab anyone in the back soon as he's got their support, hasn't he?

Get your facts straight at least if you're going to lick his boots groveling for favors.

December 26, 2010 7:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Look considering the CLOWN running for mayor in 2013 I would like to start the Krekorian for Mayor 2013 Draft!

Someone more Tecky then I needs to make a page people can signup to urge Paul for mayor!

December 26, 2010 9:09 PM  

Blogger Joe B. said:

anonymous at 7:32;
If one is to assess potential debris flow threats, it cannot be done by driving around in a car. A birds eye view is needed in order to see the broad terrain. Please try again.

December 26, 2010 9:14 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Hey, 9:38, check out Why Krekorian Voted Against the Rate Hike, which Ron Kaye called "the most detailed and coherent reasons to oppose Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's DWP rate hike plan."

December 27, 2010 10:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Pissed about Paul changing his vote on the DWP Rate Payor Advocate, no matter what Ron Kaye says. (Kaye contradicts himself in the article regarding PK, btw.)


December 27, 2010 1:48 PM  

Anonymous g said:


December 28, 2010 4:34 PM  

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