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Friday, July 02, 2010

Speaking of Recalls Who Started the Janice Hahn Recall?

LA Weekly piece by the great Patrick Range McDonald asks the very good question, "Who's Behind Janice Hahn Recall Effort."

Unlike the recall of Mayor Villaraigosa where blogger Phil Jennerjahn was a more than willing spokesman, the Hahn effort has remained somewhat of a mystery.

When the recall was announced in May, it appeared a bright constellation of South Bay political activists and organizations had jumped on board.

But while a significant portion of community leaders in Hahn's district would love to see her go, many who have been associated with the effort say they are supportive but not involved.  At least three different Recall Hahn websites have been launched but again, no one knows who is in charge.

So that leads to today's conspiracy theory.  Internet astroturf is abuzz these days in political campaigns.  Do you think a phony recall effort could have been started by opponents to Hahn's run for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor as an effort to embarrass her?

Whether you like it or not!

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Anonymous Anonymous said:




July 02, 2010 5:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

City Attorney Trutanich is most likely silently behind the recall campaign and has a lot of support from the San Pedro community who were sickened by Hahn's idiotic reaction to Arizona's law on illegals.

Hahn was never a TRUe supporter of Trutanich and only came to his victory party after it was clear that Weiss had been kicked so hard up his arrogant ass that he was definitely not going to win.

Hahn is not liked in San Pedro and many see her as an embarrassingly stupid fool who couldn't even answer John Philips' simple question about how many people Adolf Hitler killed.

Trutanich can probably raise a ton of money to oust Hahn and send her to the same dark hole where Weiss is currently hiding. It would certainly suit Trutanich to install a 'friendly' in City Hall and rumors are that someone from his elite administration will run for the office once the recall is certified.

July 02, 2010 10:17 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Trutanich will be the last person who would be able to recall Hahn. She is not hated in San Pedro and remember, 50% of the people in Los Angeles believe in the boycott of Arizona.

Don't you know that Trutanich was a fluke? He'll likely never be elected again. People were mad about a lot of things but Nuch has proven to be unable to produce.

Janice would have won if Gavin hadn't have jumped in.

You are all so off base. It's like you live in your own little Republican world that isn't representative of the rest of the city.

July 03, 2010 12:27 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Janice would have won if Gavin hadn't jumped in?

Brilliant line of thinking there Trujillo.

That's like saying Zuma Dogg would be Mayor if Villaraigosa didn't run.

July 03, 2010 2:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm not Trujillo and it's true. She was set to win until a popular, well-known Mayor decided to run. The polls had her winning until then.

Like Jerry Brown, who can't be beat. Gavin is more well-known than Janice state-wide and you can't deny this happened.

This has nothing to do with Zuma Dogg and the Mayoral run. That's a real stretch.

July 03, 2010 2:38 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

10:17 is psychotic - talks about "someone from his elite administration" who will run following the Carpetbagger Clown Carmen. "Elite Administraion" like that foul-mouthed, crazy Cockney David Berger/ AKA Rumpole of the Barley - just post his own words on THIS blog and rants on shows like Kevin James or even Doug McIntyre - a guttersnipe kind of "elite" like the rest of the Tritanich "elite administration."

Then there's Jane Usher who's been caught openly lying and hiding crucial information intended to mislead and get support under false pretenses, more than once. Another opportunistic like Carmen the Carpetbagging Clown.

As for Janice Hahn, he tried to get her to join him "for payback for your brother" - quoted in an online journal in so many words - even though he shares Kevin James' assessment of her mental capacity and political prowess. If she had integrity she'd have opposed his grandstanding with rightwing James, McIntyre, Walter Moore and Berger over the Jamiel SHaw, Jr., case, where they pinned the release of his murderer on the City (including dippy Hahn) while in fact, he was released by none other than his Republican Puppetmaster DA Steve Cooley's and Sheriff Leroy Baca's men. But she was as much motivated by moral conviction as he was.

FalseTanich's "Elite Administration" is all about Power-hungry revenge, ignorance of the law, bullying and shooting off the mouth before establishing legal precedent AND in the face of lack of legal justification at all. Look at his eating crow to AEG/ Leiwike after wasting a year "thoroughly investigating" those buffoonish "criminal aspects" that never existed except in his mind).

Trying to do an end-run around the City Charter with his political nemesis One Bill Gil, caught red-handed and chewed out by every legal scholar and the whole Assn. of Calif. DA's as a threat to the very existence of the Grand Jury System. Grabbing headlines here and there, accomplishing nothing but chaos, mayhem - a Republican tool, especially for Cooley's political ambitions, the tool through whom Cooley has tentacles into every facet and official in City Hall, via the Clown and his top Deputies who are all spies for Cooley (Livesay, Carter). He's made a farce of attorney-client privilege and mutual trust in his and Cooley's mission "to get them."

The most hated man in City Hall EVER without anything to show for his efforts. Someone whose inability to understand, let alone be willing to follow, the limits of the law and City Charter as pertains to his job, make him stand out in ways he didn't intend.

July 03, 2010 9:34 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"Elite Administration" of Carmen Trutanich will take over the city.

That includes the Carnival Barker Cockney David Berger/ Rumpole, known as the far ruder and cruder, downright slanderous, Robin Leach of local politics. Jane Usher who's been caught red-handed more than once hiding or fudging crucial info, in her attempts to make it appear that people who support them, don't. Top deputies Carter and Livesay, spies for Cooley who've worked for Cooley for decades and just report to different bosses as a way to share alleged attorney-client privilege between CA and DA, making mockery of the whole process. So no one at City hall trust Trutanich, who has been forced to eat crow after threatening AEG/ Leiweke and cast of dozens with "criminal aspects." NOW he's admitted what everyone said, there weren't any because he had no legal standing for his threats - now, he calls Leiweke the finest civic citizen. All his threats come to naught - though he did throw Public Menace #1, some rich dude "hiding out" in a manse in the Palisades, in jail on an outrageously inflated, publicity-grabbing bond, over a supergraphic.

He couldn't get any support for his sneaky end-run around the city charter, so he hooked up with his political nemesis, termed-out spite-monger Commadre One Bill Gil but they got caught red-handed and were chewed out by the Assembly's head of public Safety committee for trying to trick the Assembly into backing them on an "internecine battle" at city level.

Worse, every single legal scholar, including both lead authors of both versions of City Charter, AND the entire State Assn. of DA's, wrote to oppose this scheme as a scam, likely unconstitutional as well, and a downright threat to the entire Grand Jury system.

Never has any official alienated everyone but his Republican party sponsors, and done so little as a result.

July 03, 2010 9:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Carmen just lost a $1.7 million jury award to a camera operator who claims he was injured in the 07 May Day Melee. His lawyer, Greg Smith, no relation to Greig, said that they were willing to settle for $250,000 upfront but "I never settle" Carmen insisted on going to trial. Just ask Laura Chick and Gruel and their Lawyer Fred Woocher about Carmen's ego taking precedence over settling even for $80,000 in their case AND that's after he swore up and down on all that's holy (just ask Doug McIntyre, who kept reminding him) to drop the suit and support them.

This $1.7 came same week as the jury award of $2.5 million to the 2 firefighter capt's claiming retaliation over Tennie Pierce. One of whom has continued to be a Chief Negotiator for the LAFD union against the city, playing hardball to avoid any cuts.

All this on top of $13 million already paid out to 300 class action "victims" of the May Day Melee. Howz that about "saving" money again, even despite hiring back the lawyers Rocky let go AND secretly adding 200 secret police, who are paid out of a mysterious fund no one knows about, any more than what they do or who they spy on... If Wendy had any guts she'd audit him. But wait, he won't let her, having reneged to Laura Chick.

July 03, 2010 10:40 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Nice theory, but no... Newsom wasn't behind the Recall. That was started by Nuch's depraved nephew, Anthony Santich, way back when Hahn sought a third-term (after it had always been 2 terms prior). He went INSANE!!!

Tony wanted her CD15 seat, even though his rep in town is mud. He tries to puff his bio, but look hard... he's been fired by almost every job he's every had.

He didn't have the balls to run against her in the last election because he'd never win, so he chose to build a name for himself by running her into the ground.

Look how many credible people say he's misrepresented the facts against her, or falsely aligned others to his cause. Look at the Recall. What a blatant sociopath!

He was so blinded by his personal obsession (embarassed the Chamber of Commerce who will have nothing to do with him; fired by the Port; distanced now from one-time allies and one-time friends) and it all became a very vocal, way off-base personal vendetta against her. She got in his way.

Nuch knows just about the same dirt on Santich as the rest of us in town. Nuch counseled him and saved him from jail times over. Even 'family' has been telling sociopathic, anger-obsessed Tony to back down on his losing campaign. He just took their advise, stepped down, but it's waaaay too late. He's showed his hand, like the losing gambler he is.

If there were any credible beefs, these yahoos have made it all about them and their hijacking of the truth AND an election.

As a voter and one who loves this town, I am ouraged. Their effort was all for them, not us.

July 03, 2010 12:50 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

In a word... Anthony Santich. He will admit it to everyone around town, just not members of the press. COWARD!!!!

July 03, 2010 12:51 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Looks like 10:17pm is right about Trutanich being behind the efforts to shaft Janice Hahn - Anthony Santich is most likely doing the visible grunt work so that Trutanich can claim not to know anything.

As for Hahn ever having a chance at becoming Lt. Governor, please be serious. There is no way in hell that she would have been elected. If Gavin Newsome had not run, then even a half-baked republican like "that foul-mouthed, crazy Cockney David Berger/ AKA Rumpole of the Barley" would have been elected rather then entrust Lt. Governor to a dumb shit for brains like Janice Hahn. Just imagine the disaster that she would be if Governor Jerry Brown were to be incapacitated - the Lt. Governor automatically becomes the Governor, and anyone, even Zuma Dogg, is better than shit for brains Hahn.

July 03, 2010 5:53 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

IF Carmen's the sane, controlled one in that clan, this Tony Santich must be quite a piece of work. They sure are a chip off the old block in the Old Country, sounds like, no wonder the Serbs and Croats were at each other's throats again soon as Strongman Tito lost hold of the cobbled- together "YugoSlavia." With the Serbs like Slobodan Milosovich and their ilk being downright crazy.

Of course we heard reports of cousins attempting to influence-peddle in back rooms before he even took the oath, figures one or two would get big ideas. Threatening anyone who opposed Uncle Nuch, Old World "respect" more like the mafia than democracy - except of course, sliming his opponent and making it so personal was fair game. Guess some think Janice should have shown more loyalty to the local clan than to her political beliefs. Actually, she compromised plenty, compared to what she says she believes in. Never called him on supporting a law just like the one Arizona just passed. (Though I think her boycott was half-baked and the city is losing money on it we can't afford. She tried to out-do Gavin Newsom and we all pay the price.)

Sounds like someone ought to knock a few heads together down there in Pedro before they publicly embarrass Uncle Nuch.

July 03, 2010 9:10 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

too late. tony was working on the recall long before Hahn won her third election. HE WANTED THE JOB, but knew he could never beat her. He was screaming about a recall in the event she won. *&^% the voters, he wanted her job and was pissed off! Look how personal he got when the 3rd term came into play and delayed his plans!

Then the Council okd 3rd term limits so he'd have to wait for the NEXT election. Look at the timeline. That's when he went ape-&^$ in his off the wall critism about her (which offended and forced many inlcluding the SP Chamber to distance from him). He can't say something productive, based in fact or intelligent. He's a nut job!!!! No brain, fired from every job he ever had, more skeletons and enemies but still is oblivious to his self-importance. Yeah! Let's elect a gambling addict, womanizer, sociopathic lyer, boozer, criminal, anger management freak to rep CD15!

Do a background on him and ask around. He has more enemies ready to bury him than imaginable. And that list just grew this week!

He turned on Rudy with emails to him showing involvment in the recall. It embarrassed Rudy and now that team is gunning for the idiot like everyone else in town! Dumb move again, Tony!

Who started this? One idiot who wouldn't shut up about it. ONe idiot who has never sppoken the truth or conducted himself with honor.

Tony Sanitch. What an arrogant, ignorant, self describe community leader that NO ONE IS FOLLOWING! Either he's totally stupid, a total lyer thus deliberately twisting facts or he needs to be locked up if not in jail than in a mental facility.

Nuch knows all about it. he just lets the family idiots run wild!!!

July 05, 2010 2:42 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This phony recall effort wasn't started by opponents to Hahn's run for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor as an effort to embarrass her.


July 05, 2010 5:39 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Look at how City Attorney Trutanich and his mafia clan of idiots do business! It is all for themselves, not the city.

Now, WHO should be recalled again?

July 08, 2010 10:58 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anthony Santich is running around town trying the beat down/terrorize/bully/charm through lying ANYONE WITH THE POWER TO PRINT to take down any disparaging comments about him. Apparently he can dish it out, but can't take it.

NOTE TO ANTHONY SANTICH: IT'S NOT SLANDER WHEN IT IS TRUE. Note to those to acquiesce to his lies, shame on you.

The truth is out there...

July 09, 2010 5:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Joe Gatlin is the poor face of this now that those self important loudmouths behind it (we all know who they are) are running for the hills.

Cowards. Let someone else fight your fight? No integrity. No conviction. Don't worry, Joe and Rudy are now pointing fingers all over town where they belong.

July 14, 2010 3:45 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm just curious. Why doesn't Anthony Santich finish what he started? Where's his courage or integrity on this Janice Hahn / Personal Vendetta that he started (before she was even elected to a 3rd term)?

Why did he stir up so much based on so little? Why does he now say he's stepping down as the "head" (not much to be proud of) of the Recall Effort "So not to appear as a personal vendetta against Hahn (too late!).

Give me.. give ANYONE... actionable cause for recall, not just you blowing hard to unseat voters for your own motives, and maybe people will listen. But he doesn't care about the voters. He cares about taking over her council seat; NOT the constinuents. Do the math.

Why did he grandstands so very much in these past many years over town and in trying to schmooze the press to his tirades(and Fox news, ABC Forum, Chamber of Commerce have gone on the record saying he is not only wrong, he is deliberating mistating their take on the issues AND on the facts!) He thrills in slandering Hahn on unproven mud slinging and waste this community's time?

This is just Anthony Santich, being Anthony Santich. Don't need to base it on fact, just need to play to his delusional, self-serving agenda. "Who Started the Janice Hahn Recall," everyone knows cuz he wouldn't shut up about it.

Good for you, Anthony Santich. Your "Recall" is giving you the attention you are so desperate to suck out of this community... but proves exactly who you are.

It has wasted our community's time and attention, when we have bigger things to work on.


July 17, 2010 6:10 PM  

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