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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ass Clown Award nominations for the Month of May

Nominations for the Ass Clown Award for the Month of May.

1. Councilman Ed "Density" Reyes.
2. Councilwoman Janice "Lil Splash" Hahn.
3. Former Assembly Speaker Fabian "The Mexican" Nunez.
4. The "Kennedy Republican".
5. Councilman Richard "Zorro Marxist" Alarcon.
6. Mayor Antonio "Pollovilar" Villaraigosa.
7. LHNC President David "The Trojan Horse" Galaviz.
8. The whole "Clowncil".
9. Ministers associated with Barack "H" Obama.
10. H. David "The Shah of Water and Power" Nahai
11. Councilwoman Jan "The Hat" Perry

Your comments and thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

I was GOING TO vote for Reyes or Ass Clown, simply because he can't speak a lick of English without sounding like a mush-mouthed loser.

But I have to vote for Villaraigosa, for attending his OWN campaign fundraisers, a year away from the election, when the city is a half billion dollars, or more, in debt.

He's an ass.
He's a clown.
He's the MayorSam Ass Clown de mes.

May 31, 2008 1:02 PM

May 31, 2008 1:11 PM  

Anonymous anonymouse said:

I'm sorry, I know it's redundant and an overworked nomination, but I have to enter Don Quicksand's name for the Ass Clown crown. He has consistently stuffed his foot in his own maw for yet another duration of reason..

May 31, 2008 2:01 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zorro Marxist alarCON. Why?



Opposing SanFer gang injunction.

Need I say more?

May 31, 2008 2:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Agree with 2:13, It's Marxist Zorro Alarcon.

AB212/ Fuentes, who's HIS boy.

Opposing the SanFer Gang Injunction, AND trying to rouse community oppostion to the excellent W VAlley Dep. Chief, Michel Moore -- then getting photo ops claiming opposition to gangs, and demanding more money in our Council this week, for his area for gang prevention programs. Blaming it all on "the heat."

Favored Las Lomas and turning Verdugo Hills Golf Course into homes, rezoning them over community opposition. So using AB212 BOTH to make money on these valley developments AND to help Reyes TJ in the Hills and Valleys, use that bill for future slums in the nicer parts of the city.

May 31, 2008 3:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I say duck and let the gang bangers kill themselves, and everyone in their community. If they continue to vote in people like Reyes and Alarcon and Cardenas, it'll cost them. Not much that we can do that from just typing on a blog that, at best, a few dozen people enjoy, but type on incessantly.

May 31, 2008 3:49 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:

Damn Red Spot...you sure did touch all the bases. LOVED IT!

May 31, 2008 8:25 PM  

Blogger Derek said:

Fabian Nunez.

May 31, 2008 9:43 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

"The Mexican"...Fabian Nunez!

June 01, 2008 5:12 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What happened to dumb ass Jan Perry for kissing ass to all the billboard companies? She should get for wearing that dumb hat in council alone. She's in bed with developers downtown.

Tie for Reyes and Perry for all the illegal vendors in their districts. Look at the other district around the city and vendors have been cleaned up. NOt in Reyes,and Perry's. They are filthy, dirty people selling old food.

June 01, 2008 7:09 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

They all deserve the Ass Clown Award.

I vote for Ed Reyes for Ass Clown because he just shows up occassionally to pick up his clown pay check.

June 01, 2008 8:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Is Huzar missing again?? Is he off to Israel with Villa!

June 01, 2008 11:57 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Fabian Nunez, because he's a Mexican, and not a Mexican't.

June 01, 2008 12:01 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ed Reyes should have a PERManent Ass Clown of the Year/ Every Year named after him, sort of the mascot of the blog. He talks like he's got a pack of old socks and marbles in his mouth and cotton balls in his nose, with a one-syllable-at-a-time grunting out his English (but sure can prattle on in Spanish -- product of LAUSD?).

That's on top of his insisting he's going to drag his crowded masses of illegals into the Hills, Valleys and Dales of the Westside and Valley.

One grumpy old public commenter showed up to point out that there's no "right" for illegals to come here and live in prime real estate: like HIS ancestors and anyone today, you live where you can afford, and if that means in the Inland Empire and you commute, or find work there, so friggin' what. Like this guy says, if illegals didn't come here ILLEGALLY in the first place, and crowd piles of kids they can't afford into small apts., they wouldn't need to trash our city with their slum relocation programs.


Even the Mayor isn't THAT stupid, IF he's shilling for the developers, they're going by the traditional rules. Fact that Reyes hates big developers tells me they're doing something right and so is Antonio -- BUT Antonio's got to get out there and put his MeCHa morons in their place, prove he's outgrown them.

June 01, 2008 4:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

How much more work does Don Quixote have to put in to win this award.He truly has tried his hardest to deserve it.

June 02, 2008 2:55 PM  

Anonymous diesel death zone refugee said:

Dead (no pun intended) heat between Villar and Hahn.

June 02, 2008 3:41 PM  

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