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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Morning Stuff

I had hoped to be up earlier this morning, but the PTA 31st District Awards dinner held last night at the beautiful Odyssey Restaurant just went on and on and on into the night. Those PTA ladies (and I'm happy to report... there were more than a few gents present, too!) know how to party. So, I'm up a little later than usual, and dealing with the effects of a multi-Cosmo-evening.

District 1 Superintendent Ms. Jean Brown, Julie Korenstein and Alex Padilla were there for a bit of speechifying and presentation of special awards. Congratulations to the following PTA's for winning the "Unit of the Year" Awards last night:

Elementary School PTA of the Year: Beckford Ave. Elementary - Kelly Mattinson, President

Middle School PTA of the Year: Nobel Middle School - Colleen Ross, President

High School PTA of the Year: Granada Hills Charter High School - Marylou Westmoreland, President

Thanks for all your hard work, ladies! Without you, our students, our teachers, staff and school family wouldn't be half as wonderful as they are because of all your efforts. Many times you've put in 40+ hour weeks for no pay, and we're all so grateful.

In other Hawt Lady News: Seems Ms. Condi has a secret KISS Army side.

Secretary of State Condi "Strutter" Rice parties with the boys from KISS

Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice was in Sweden for an international conference on Iraq the same time the rock band KISS was playing in town. The boys in the band invited her over for post-concert fun after her dinner with the Swedish foreign minister. Rice, a classically trained pianist, said she has eclectic musical tastes ranging from Beethoven to Bruce Springsteen. Who knew?

And Democrats will meet today to hash out the Florida and Michigan sitch. Dems are hoping it gets straightened out as soon as possible in order to get the party united by convention.

“We are strong enough to struggle and disagree and to even be angry and disappointed and still come together at the end of the day and be united,” said Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

A compromise decision is expected to be reach sometime by tonight, early on in the evening.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

From a BECKFORD Grandma...

Congrats to Doll for all your hard work at and your heartfelt care for BECKFORD!!!!

And to Ms. K for leading BECKFORD'S PTA this year, a great big HURRAH!!! Well done everyone.

May 31, 2008 5:50 PM  

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