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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tony Cardenas Blocking Chick Anti-Gang Plan?

Saying that, "We cannot afford delays at this crucial time in our City's history," City Controller Laura Chick has called for expeditious City Council hearings on her Blueprint for a Comprehensive Citywide Anti-Gang Strategy released on February 14th.

Chick sent a letter on February 18th to Councilmember Tony Cardenas, Chair of the City Council's Ad-Hoc Committee on Gang Violence and Youth Development, and in it voices her concern that the Committee had
not yet scheduled a hearing on her Blueprint.

"A few weeks ago when we spoke I gave you the release date of my report and I respectfully asked you to convene a hearing of your Ad-Hoc Committee on Gang Violence and Youth Development the week following the release, similarly to how you heard the Advancement Project's report," wrote Chick on the 18th.

"The people of Los Angeles deserve an opportunity to have this important Blueprint heard in public. Once again I ask Councilmember Cardenas to set a date for a public presentation of this report to his Committee," Chick reiterated today.

Chick's continued call for hearings comes at a time when her Blueprint is garnering important widespread support from leaders across California.

"Controller Laura Chick's Blueprint underscores the importance of the multi-faceted and coordinated approach we are employing around the state, with a focus on intervention, suppression and prevention in
reducing gang activity and violence. I applaud her commitment, joined by Mayor Villaraigosa and other city officials, to enact a comprehensive, citywide anti-gang strategy," said California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"As Controller Chick, Connie Rice and many others have pointed out, our gang prevention and intervention system is broken. We need more accountability, more transparency and more effectiveness -- to ensure we
are spending the public's money wisely; but even more importantly to save the lives of the at-risk youth in our neighborhoods," said City
Attorney Rocky Delgadillo.

"I commend Controller Chick in her effort to help the City and County with their approach to solving the gang problem. This is a good report, and it has my full support," said Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca.

"The message from this report is that the City has to consolidate its efforts and document the results of reducing gang membership and gang violence, and increasing child safety in the hot zones. The City now has two reports indicating what needs to be done to get substantial reductions in gang violence and to increase the impact of the Mayor's office, the City Council's Ad Hoc Committee, and other City entities' current efforts to reverse this epidemic," said Connie Rice, Co-Director of the Advancement Project

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Typical Rocky carries on about at-risk youth.

How about the neighborhoods, the innocent bystanders, mothers and children, you jerk!

The minute one these "at-risk" youths joins a gang, he is no longer a victim. He is a perpetrator and deserves every bullet his worthless corpse can absorb when the cops finally catch up with him.

February 28, 2008 12:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Someone already gave a good account a few threads ago about Cardenas' "performance" in City Council the day before Chick, the Mayor, Bratton and others made their announcement to consolidate under the Mayor's office.

But he just showed his hand, his desire for control more than anything and by crying about his impotence over the problem even on his own street, he just made a case to hand the problem over to the city, state and county leaders and law enforcement officiers. With even Arnold siding with the Mayor, Cardenas and Hahn's attempt to take control of the situation -- and the money from "her" intended parcel tax -- are probably numbered.

February 28, 2008 12:10 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Ooh hell no don't give Antonio shit. Since when does the Mayor of a city think he can tackle the gang problem? Antonio hired a no experienced idiot Jeff Carr who hasn't done anything since last August and is making over 4100,000 to sit on his ass in city hall. bullshit!!! Why didn't Chick tell t he truth and let everyone know where all the gang prevention money to non profits is really going and that's to countless political campaigns. 6 city council members including Parks, Hahn, Antonio, etc. all got money from LA Bridges. AND don't forget 3gang bangers the idiot city council members gave money over $1 million were arrested. These morons don't have a clue how to deal with gangs all they do is talk. Its been over year since Connie put out her report and the morons have sat on it. Cardenas and Hahn are the biggest idiots of all.

February 28, 2008 4:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Where's Walter when you need him?? I'm confused on Laura Chick N Shit's blueprint. Someone told me its only 3 pages yet I read in Daily News Walter being quoted saying the "audit" is 160 pages. Is this an Audit Chick did? Chick is grandstanding and justs wants media attention. Why didn't she have a press conf. to talk about the corruption with all the money in those gang programs? Tell the people how many political campaigns have been given money from the gang programs and that 3 gang bangers who ran programs were arrested for felonies..

February 29, 2008 6:49 AM  

Blogger NorthValleyCowboy said:

If Cardenas and his Gang-facilitation committee can't embrace and adopt some efficiencies, that could save the programs during the coming budget reductions, then maybe he'll be budget-reduced into oblivion, or at least into making more backward progress and wasting more money.

February 29, 2008 12:42 PM  

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