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Friday, December 21, 2007

Estolano Grinches CRA's Xmas

Joseph Mailander a guy in laelsewhereemail

After the City Council voted City rank-and-file workers a pay raise earlier this week, CRA CEO Cecilia Estolano invalidated the pay raises for CRA employees, MayorSam has learned.

CEO Estolano also took the extra measure of sending CRA employees a union-rustling memo yesterday reminding union workers not to add any hours devoted to union activities to their time cards.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

A Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Happy Kwanzaa message to Julie Butcher all rolled up into one!!!

Thanks, Cecilia for watching our dime.

And thanks, Joe, for proving once again that we don't need the clown ZD to tell us about stuff in LA.

If we just had you and Sam, we could enjoy this blog again fully.

December 21, 2007 8:10 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I thought she was the mayor's puppet.

What will he and the councilmembers respond?

Of course CRA is not required of the city ESPECIALLY ONE THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY BROKE.

December 21, 2007 10:03 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Questions for Joe concerning Yurt Town:

Where exactly is this land "along the river south of Downtown?" Do you have Assessor's Parcel Numbers, or at least some cross-streets?

Who owns the land? If the City does not own it, how long will it take to acquire it? Can it be acquired through eminent domain?

Do the yurts comply with building codes? Does the entire development comply with zoning codes? If not, how long will it take to change the building codes, change the zoning codes, and/or rezone the site? What are the political ramifications of such efforts?

Who will maintain and police the yurts and the grounds they sit on? Taxpayers?

What policies must be put into place to force the homeless off Skid Row and into yurts?

How would social services be provided in Yurt Town? Who would pay for them?

Joe, you bring up Yurt Town every so often on this blog but you are woefully short on details. If you are truly behind this concept, you will answer these questions.

Political will cannot rise from ambiguous, half-baked pleasantries, even if accompanied by heart-breaking photographs.

December 21, 2007 11:22 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If it is on property owned by the city, it is just another example of what a slumlord the city of Los Angeles is.

December 21, 2007 7:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

It's been almost two months since Estolano made a promise that the MOU would be signed. She is being an absolute jerk. She is one of the petty and vindictive individuals who can't stand to lose. The rumor is that the Mayor will for her to sign but he doesn't have the fortitude to go up against Estolano. She's got something on him. It's time for the Mayor to fire Estolano but we know he doesn't have what it takes.

February 03, 2008 8:45 PM  

Anonymous johnboy said:

The CRA negotiations seem to keep going like the energizer bunny. Estolano is one petty bitch. She needs to be removed. When will the Mayor finally wake up and realized he made a mistake. She can't even negotiate a contract with the union. How in the hell can you expect this bitch to negotiate development deals for the city. She doesn't give a damn about saving the city money. She spends CRA money like there's no tomorrow.
It is time for a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE and get rid of this bitch.

February 05, 2008 10:09 PM  

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