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Monday, December 11, 2006

Dear Mayor Villagrosa, If you want to eliminate LAUSD school board, why don't you just say so. Sincerely, Zuma Dogg

Looks like "it's on" regarding LAUSD (at least until a judge sides with ZD and rules it unconstitutional, so I don't even see what all the hoopla is about). But, let ZD break it down, from an O.G.'s perspective, and let y'all know the real "in between the lines" situation regarding the LAUSD School board, as under attack by ("King of Construction Money") Mayor Antonio Villagrossa, his homeboy Fabian "Nucklehead" Nunez and the wealthiest "dynamic duo" in LAUSD manipulation history, Eli Broad (and ZD's biggest fan/current Mayor in power), Richard Riordan.

To tell the mayor's side of the story (as it has been told to me by his ally), "Imagine taking office as Mayor of Los Angeles, you take a look at LAUSD, it's a complete disaster, and what would YOU do? Whatever the school board was doing, clearly wasn't working, and the mayor felt he had to do more to help the situation, because people were calling for school reform."

However, ZD feels (based on what he has heard) that the mayor didn't give a sh*t about LAUSD or the kids,until Eli Broad and Richard Riordan called Mayor Antonio on the Bat-phone and told him to take control of LAUSD, because there is over $20 billion in school construction money to be "mayorally controlled."

But, let's just keep looking at this from Tony's point of view: If indeed he DOES think the problem with students of LAUSD is the school board itself (and not over-crowded classrooms/not enough teachers, unsafe streets and other "outside" community factors that face students of the most economically challenged neighborhoods), then he WOULD want to effectively eliminate the LAUSD school board.

And that is what he is doing, with his protege, Assembly speaker, and mayoral candidate versus Zuma Dogg in '09, "Nucklehead" Nunez.

First with AB 1381,(zero percent about student achievement, one hundred percent about putting all the control, including $20 billion construction budget and all other LAUSD spending in the hands of one person, that the mayor and "nucklhead" nunez thought they could control); then by imposing staff limitations on boardmebers; by running to Eli Broad for money to back your own candidates for school board; and now people are saying you got rid of Tokofsky through some political tactic.

Well Inspector General Zuma Dogg will be watching to see which feeder schools you select under "mayor control" of LAUSD and it better have EVERYTHING with lowest performing schools (not just "low" performing as a weasel tactic) and not have ANYTHING to do with the over $20 billion in kids' school construction money.

It's bad enough Brewer can spend up to $250,000 on anything he wants without even having to notify anyone, and anything over $250,000, all he has to do is NOTIFY the school board, but they can't do anything about it/veto it. (And that's the person the mayor was upset he didn't have input into hiring.)

ZD says, "It ain't about kids, y'all...It's about over $20 billion in construction money, y'all. So if you have to eliminate the school board to grab it y'all...at least call it what it is.

But maybe the mayor is right, and the problem with our students IS the LAUSD school board. In that case, he's doing a great job of "neutering" the LAUSD school board, if not effectively eliminating it entirely. (Under AB 1381, all the school board is left with is writing school policy and negotiating with the unions.)

It should be hilarious watching the teacher's union pull a power play on the mayor, by striking, with the mess falling right into Brewer's political lap. Poor Brewer. I can see, however great a guy he is, he's got to deal with a bull in his china shop...the next Governor of California (unless he can cut a VP of USA deal first), Part-time Mayor of Los Angeles, part time LAUSD School superintendent of three feeder schools, Antonio Villagrossa.

And finally, Tony, Fabian, Brewer, LAUSD School Board (current members only), non-Antonio backed OR Antonio-backed City Council AND LAUSD candidates, Eli Broad, all City Hall/LA City staffers, Richard Riordan, KABC listeners, Mayor Sam readers (and maybe one or two Councilmembers) are invited to the ZD Holiday Karaoke Party THIS SUNDAY at Lava Lounge in Hollywood, on La Brea (8:30pm). www.LavaHollywood.com or leave message on my cell at (310)-928-7544. I'll call you back.


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Zuma where were you during the whole discussion on AB 1381?

Discussion between Zuma Dog and Anon:

Anon: The question you pose is so elementary to this discussion. AV cannot take control eliminate the school board (just yet, that is).

ZD: Huh, why not?

Anon: Because there are other cities who are serviced by LAUSD.

ZD: So?

Anon: Zuma Dog do you remember the premise of the Boston Tea Party?

ZD: Oh yeah taxation without representation. I learned that in my 3rd grade LAUSD local school.

Anon: Okay I think you may get where I am going with this. Under the constitution people have the right to vote for those who manage their tax dollars. In this case school board members manage our property tax dollars which go to the state and then come back down to our communities. So we have a right to vote into office a representitive (school boardmember).

ZD: Yeah and?

Anon: Okay well right now a board member runs for a certain district right? and sometimes that district can include 6,7, or 8 cities right?

ZD: Uh, huh..

Anon: Okay well if the mayor of LA, AV in this case, eliminates the board can people in
South Gate, West Hollywood or Cudahay vote for him?

ZD: No!

Anon: Last I checked the only communities that can vote for AV or a mayor of the city of LA are the citizens registered to vote within the city of LA. Not those of us in the southeast cities or the unincorporated areas of LA County.


ZD: Got it!

Anon: Now if AV wanted to eliminate the school board he can still do it. Actually he had the opportunity but he didn't.

ZD: Why not?

Anon: Simple...AV's not Bob (Hertzberg, that is)

December 11, 2006 5:15 PM  

Anonymous Captain Jack Sparrow said:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen (gives apple to teacher and takes seat in class):

It's been many a year since I was in the schoolroom with Lord Chapman's get and experience has taught me that some learn by listening and others learn by doing. Mr. Dogg is a student of the audio kind.

Sots, let me ask you this. Should the judge decide that the legislation is unconstitutional, how fast will your Mr. Kaufman, Esq., (of CD14) appeal it? Are you already fleshing out your argument? Methinks you are. Pray then, tell me the cases that you cite? Will you call 'pon the Mayor of Fresno (poor suffering bastard) as one of your experts? And who shall pay for this appeal? Surely you don't expect US to pay for it?

And citizens of the city, what if the sots win? What shall you do? Although I do not advocate violence and do not do so here, I seem to recall hearing a heartwarming little ditty sung by a rather rude Yankee in a bar called The Venice Room; the tune was "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic."

"Mine eyes have seen the coming of the taking of the school. They will throw out all the teachers and they'll break all of the rules. They'll even rig elections that are coming up so soon. Our cries have all been drowned.

Glory, glory hallelujah. Hide the money in the cooler. With his open hand, the mayor shall demand but he won't get very far."

(Rolls eyes) Even I learned that Lincoln freed the slaves, a concept lost on Villabarbosa and Smee Nunez, savvy?

December 11, 2006 6:26 PM  

Blogger Zuma Dogg said:


You went to all that trouble explaining why Antoinio cannot or did not want to eliminate the school board. I'm not talking literally, I'm speaking figuratlivley. Yes, the board will still exist; but why bother under AB 1381, single staff for all boardmembers, AV "getting" to Tokofsky, having Broad finance Tony's candidates, and now term-limits/finace reform on march ballot, and again, AB 1381 is how you effectively eliminate the school board, without actually eliminating it. But you do bring up a great point, that is a BIG problem with AB 1381. You have the power-crazed mayor of lost angeles running the schools of people outside the City of L.A. who didn't vote for the construction money king.

December 11, 2006 9:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Actually ZD I was trying to entertain but seems like no readers tonight but you, the Captain and I.

On a personal level, I think the mayor and his friends will probably make it so difficult for the small cities that they will eventually want to either form their own districts or experiment like the southeast cities. Their working on their own little charter/cluster right?

The district will be broken up and this was a round about way of doing what Hertzberg had talked about doing all along. Not a bad idea if someone actually had the "cajones" do it and if it wasn't being driven by ALL the wrong reasons.

We lack leadership at all levels and with the unions opposing a break up I guess politically I understand why we ended up here...patiently waiting to see what the courts will rule...

As pissed off and as bad as AV claims that parents think the schools are, I am amazed at how well all the Magnet tours along with the Magnet Night at Monroe High School are doing.

There are hundreds and hundreds of parents who know there are good programs and great teachers and they are in LAUSD...I'll stop there before my digression continues.

December 11, 2006 11:16 PM  

Blogger Phil Krakover said:

The arrogance and incompetence of the LAUSD has brought about their demise; who among us feels sorry for them?

As Newt Gingich says "If it is isn't working, try something else."

Here we are, trying something else and everyone has their shorts in a bunch.

Has anyone considered that this just might work?

Insanity is doing the same thing year after year and thinking you might get a different result.

Let's quit carping and support the Mayor and see if his plan works; if it does, he'll be President; if it doesn't, he'll be cooked and all you whiners can rejoice.

Would you agree that if it does work, he'd deserve to be President?

I know the kids in the LAUSD would agree...

December 12, 2006 1:01 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

When is someone going to tell ZD that he's not a gang member so he cannot be an O.G. And when is an "OG" or a "veterano" going to put this clown in his place?

December 12, 2006 5:32 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why don't the lazy LA reporters ever say that when Huizar was school board prez for 4 years HE DID NOTHING. Someone slap Jose next time he stands up in council and states, "When I was prez of LAUSD." You'd think he would be embarrassed saying that. Then you have the drop out cholo mayor in a suit who represented the nation's 2nd most over crowded school in his district and HE DID NOTHING. Now all of a sudden he cares about the kids. ZUMA YOU ARE RIGHT ON THE MONEY. They want to get their hands into that $$$$$$$

December 12, 2006 7:31 AM  

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