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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New Blog on the Block

The Daily News reports on the newest blog site to catch the eyes of political insiders, the Engineers and Architect Association’s Blog City Hall. Robert Aquino, the 9,000 member Association’s leader said via press release he wanted the new site to provide a stronger voice for rank-and-file city employees.

Maybe, maybe not. The EAA is currently a division of the AFL/CIO, and that’s just the way Aquino wants it. Numerous sources have reported to us that a few years ago, SEIU local 347 attempted to re-organize the union under their direction, as they proved more adept at providing their members better benefits, but Aquino quickly attached himself to a Virginia police officers’ union to stop the re-organization. The association prevented the AFL/CIO from getting involved, as the SEIU and the police officers union are both under its direction, one union is not allowed to raid another.

The consequences of Mr. Aquino’s power-hungry moves are dangerous and far-reaching. The EAA is run by an ‘agency shop’ forcing members to pay dues whether they want to join the union or not. Also, they’ve been attacking L.A. City Employees Retirement System Board Commissioner Shelley Smith for an alleged ‘conflict of interest.’ Funnily enough, no such conflict exists, and Smith’s credentials are impeccable. Aquino’s attacks on a well-meaning and well-intentioned civil servant proves his grip on the union is about as strong as his grip on reality is weak (sort of reminds me of the man he supports in the Mayor’s race, Villaraigosa, except his grip on the union and reality are weak). Most importantly, he’s not giving the rank-and-file city employees he wants to help the opportunity to choose their own union.

And now he’s entered the blog foray. I, for one, welcome him. But seeing as how he neglected to post any of this information on his own website, and many of his union members have taken the time to forward information to me, I feel compelled to do it for him, making sure the anonymity is kept and their stronger voice is heard. He can thank me later.

Word of advice to the new blog on the block: If you want to expose wrongdoing in City Hall without fear of retribution, you should start with your own organization.



Anonymous Anonymous said:

EAA is affiliated with the National Union of Police Officers (NUPO). So is the PPL. Can the PPL belong to a union that also represents non-sworn officers? And what if EAA workers institute a job action? How will a brother union (PPL) respond to a picket line of fellow NUPO members?

January 26, 2005 10:48 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

EAA is a member of the National Union of Police Officers (NUPO). So is the PPL. What would be the response of the PPL if a fellow member (EAA) were to engage in a job action? How would they deal with a picket line thrown up by EAA?

P.S. EAA is the only local in NUPO which is not made up of sworn officers.

January 26, 2005 10:56 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I read the editorial you posted against my organization (Engineers & Architects Association / IUPA Local 8000, AFL-CIO) with great interest. Unlike the 2 or 3 uninvolved idiots that you based your whole report on, I am a Sr. Rep volunteer and have been greatly involved with my unions activities. One of the reasons that the members overwhelmingly supported the direction EAA is taking is because EAA is the only representative body that is acting as a true union should, unlike most of the other city unions. Their officials are so busy taking care of themselves with Jim Hahn that they don’t have any time left to take care of their members. You also failed to mention that there have been 2 union wide elections conducting by independent agencies like the FMCS where the little group of idiots you spoke to were able to garner .275% of the vote. We, who are involved in EAA, rely on our annual elections to settle issues that you presume to pontificate over without any factual information. You mentioned SEIU 347 and you called it a re-organization attempt when it was a blatant raid that the citys employee relations board already ruled was facilitated by city management. God, are we lucky we didn’t end up with that organization selling us out the same way they do their own members. The attack you’ve posted on your website does not surprise me or any of my fellow Sr. Rep’s and unit council members. We already know, first hand, that the city’s management doesn’t like us, but then why would they when our union is the only one that stands up for its membership and won’t sell out to the mayor.

Worker Bee

February 07, 2005 10:05 AM  

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