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Monday, January 24, 2005

Mayoral Campaign Comix - An Outsider Looks In

ComixFor those of you who missed the LA Times in print this weekend, the entire front page of the opinion section is a comic strip by Mark Alan Stamaty entitled "Mayoral Campaign Comix - An Outsider Looks In"

Through PressDisplay you can view an online version, but you must subscribe for a free 7 day trial for the viewer.

It is quite a riot, including Bob Hertzberg the Supermensch, Alarcon the Amicable, Bernie Do-Right, Villaraigosa the Charmer, and Mayor Hahn, who doesn't get a nickname but gets to fly the "Hahn Glider" through the clouds of scandal while Laura Chick attacks him. The strip ends with "To Be Continued." I can't wait!


Blogger Mayor Sam said:

Here I am - its 1956 - and I'm sitting talking to Poulson in the Council Chamber just outside the horseshoe. I see Kenny Hahn with a small child on his lap, his son Jimmy I am told.

Then all of a sudden the worse smell and an "oops see doo doo" from Kenny. A large Black woman comes over and takes the child away. Kenny goes back to his office to change his trousers.

Hence the term Mayor Poopy.

(Of course this could all be something I dreamed too I'm not saying it actually happened. For Christ sakes, you're reading posts from a dead man.)

January 24, 2005 4:46 PM  

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