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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Commerce Planning Commissioner (and Son) Was "Co-Schemer" in the Federal Corruption Conviction of Late SEIU Union Leader

The controversial Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano-appointed Planning Commissioner Arnelle Grajeda (and Son "C.G"), were "Co-schemers" in the 2010 Federal Corruption Indictment/Trial/Conviction of the Late SEIU Local 660 Leader Alejandro Stephens, for defrauding a Non-Profit to finance his Union Re-election Campaign..
Commerce City Hall
 Former California SEIU Leader and current Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano-appointed Planning Commissioner Arnelle Grajeda.
** Blogger's Notes: As a growing number of City of Commerce Residents recoil in outrage over the recent ethical and physical misbehavior by members of its City Council, few if any, will remember that the controversial Councilman (and Failure Assembly Candidate) Ivan Altamirano-appointed Commissioner to the important Planning Commission ..........., has a "Co-Schemer" past.
Current Commerce Planning Commissioner Arnelle Grajeda, was once the most powerful SEIU Union Leader in California. With her then Boyfriend Alejandro Stephens, they advocated on behalf of mostly LA County Employees, during their time on the Board of SEIU 660 ...... then came the time for Stephen's Re-election for President of the Local.
With the blessing of the late LA County Labor Federation Leader Miguel Contreras, Stephens (and his "Co-Schemers"), used phony consulting contracts to wash $52,000 from the "Voter Improvement Project Non-Profit (created by Contreras)", into campaign money to fund his re-election, as the subsequent Federal Indictment, Trial and Conviction substantiated.
From the LA Times Report in 2010 regarding Commissioner Grajeda (and Son "C.G") "Co-Schemer" Role in the Stephens Corruption Case.

Also touched by the scandal was Stephens' former girlfriend and ex-colleague Annelle Grajeda, who rose to become one of SEIU's six executive vice presidents and the top SEIU official in California before resigning her posts amid questions about whether she had improperly used influence to help Stephens. Stephens identified Grajeda and her son, Carlos Grajeda, as a mother-son pair referred to by initials in the federal complaint as "co-schemers" in the case. The complaint alleges that "C.G." received $10,000 from VIP in a phony consultant agreement and turned the money over to Stephens. Neither Grajeda was charged, and neither responded to telephone messages from The Times.

In review, its obvious that Stephens took the fall to protect his ex Girlfriend, "C.G.' and most important, the legacy of Miguel Contreras. But in the fallout of his conviction, Grajeda was forced from her position of leadership and retired.

Ten years later, its ironic that along with another ex SEIU Leader of ill-repute Tyrone Freeman (who is helping in pushing Cannabis Legalization in Pasadena), Grajeda has been chosen to be a "Commissioned Schemer" in Councilman Altamirano's (along with Councilwoman Oralia Robello and Mayor John Soria), continuing sham to enrich Puppet Master Mario Beltran----Scott Johnson. 
 The Late SEIU 660 Local Leader (and former Arnelle Grajeda Boyfriend) Alejandro Stephens.
The controversial Commerce City Councilman (and Failure Assembly Candidate) Ivan Altamirano.

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