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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mayor Sam Exclusive: A Model City's Ethics Going Up In Smoke?

A growing Residence Revolt in the City of Commerce against a proposed Ordinance that would allow the sale of Recreational Marijuana is disclosing troubling, "Pay to Play Dealings", involving City Council Members ........., and cronies of the infamous Calderon/Cedillo/Chacon Political Machine.
Commerce City Hall.
** Blogger's Notes: Since its Incorporation in 1960, the Industrial, Business-friendly City of Commerce, has prided itself as being the "Model City", in an ethically-challenged and environmentally-impacted landscape of Southeast LA County.

While neighboring cities such as Vernon, Bell, Maywood, Cudahy, South Gate, Montebello and Huntington Park have garnered the dubious Headlines in recent years, the home to the Commerce Casino and Citadel Outlet Complex, has not been immune to scandal, as exampled by former Councilman Robert Fierro's Conviction for lying to the FBI regarding Campaign Finances.

Yet, in the aftermath of a 2017 City Council Realignment that was supposed to give birth to stability (and ethical reform), Commerce residences are awakening to the reality that they are now Ground Zero in the fight against Southeast LA Political Corruption.

The super majority of Mayor Hugo Argumedo, along with Council Members John Soria, Ivan Altamirano and Councilwoman Oralia Robello have incurred the wrath of Commerce Stakeholders as they front for newly-hired City Administrator (and embattled Montebello School Board Member) Edgar Cisnero's Scheme to legalize (and control) the sale of Recreational Marijuana within the city.

As residents organize for Tuesday's Public Hearing on the Marijuana Ordinance, the Mayor Sam Blog has reviewed available Campaign Contribution Documentation (extrapolated upon below) and found troubling Conflict of Interest issues........, involving connections to the Calderon/Cedillo/Chacon Political Machine-----Scott Johnson. 

** City Councilman John Soria (and close ally Councilwoman Oralia Robello): Once upon a recent time, there was a reform-minded City Council Candidate (that day-lighted as a Los Angeles Sheriff Department civilian employee), who allowed his political soul to be bought, exploited and sold by the latest incarnation of the Calderon/Cedillo/Chacon Political Machine ......., now City Administrator Edgar Cisneros. For what ever reason, now Councilman John Soria chose notorious former Gil Cedillo Staffer, incarcerated Ron Calderon Consultant and Indicted LA County Assessor John Noguez's Spokesman Louis Reyes'es "Blue Icon Communications", to orchestrate his successful campaign and the cost? A No-bid Communications Contract for Lopez ......., courtesy of the Commerce General Fund. 
Commerce City Councilman John Soria (in suit) with Councilwoman Ally Oralia Robello ........., along with Montebello School Board Member (and now Commerce City Administrator) Edgar Cisneros.
How does now Councilman John Soria "thank" Louis Reyes for his Campaign Work?
Did former Huntington Park City Manager Edgar Cisneros recruit his H.P. Public Works Director to help finance the John Soria Campaign?
Once elected to the Commerce City Council, did the cronies of the Calderon/Cedillo/Chacon Political Machine, help offset the cost of Blue Icons Communications Campaign Expenses (on behalf of John Soria) .........., in exchange for Edgar Cisneros become the Commerce City Administrator?
** City Councilman (and rejected former 58th AD Candidate) Ivan Altamirano: With apologies to rejected 58th AD Candidate Ivan Altamirano's Political Mentor Robert Smith, your Sacramento aspirant could of had ......, Class, been a Contender and a Somebody, but is reduced to being the City of Commerce BUM .........., in supporting payouts from the Commerce General Fund to his "Political Madame".  
Rejected 58th Assembly District Candidate, but still Commerce City Councilman Ivan Altamirano.
City Councilman Hugo Argumedo (and underling Johncito Pereza): Memo to City of Commerce Council Members Ivan Altamirano and Oralia Robello, did you BOTH once vote to proceed with legal proceedings to disqualify current Commerce Mayor Hugo Argumedo from holding Public Office? Since the addition of, now City Administrator Edgar Cisneros, its apparent that in reality, you have become joined with the notorious Politico, in promoting the Political Agenda of the Calderon/Cedillo.Chacon Political Machine. Meanwhile, Councilman Argumedo's "Boy Wonder" Johncito Pereza, is learning the art of accepting Campaign Contributions from dubious Southeast LA County Politicos ........, meriting a formal Investigation. 
Longtime, infamous Commerce City Councilman Hugo Argumedo, pictured with his endorsed, failed 2017 City Council Elections Candidates Johncito Peraza and Jaime Valencia (Randy Romero disavowed Argumedo's Endorsement).
Will Johncito Pereza become the youngest, aspiring Politico, under Investigation by the LA County District Attorney's Office of Public Integrity?

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