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Monday, February 17, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for President's Day 2014

With no apologies to the NSA bloggin snoopers on this President's Day, we find no fault (as President Barack "H" Obama and his Liberal friends still do) in paying homage to a decent man of character, George "Dubya" Bush.
Do soaring deficits, intrusive government spying, fail foreign policy and something called Obamacare, make you long for a return of "Dubya"?
Did "Dubya" ever have this type of "Political Pinocchio Moment"? 
Did "Dubya" ever say anything as repugnant as Hillary's comments, regarding the terror-related deaths of four Americans in Bengazi, Libya?
Great President's Day to all as we honor the 40-plus Americans who have been voted to lead, in four years increments, this greatest experiment in free government the world has over seen, at least up to 2008. That said, lets remember that most our Presidents began their political journey to the White House on a local level somewhere in America, Thus, on this day, shall we focus on those local politicos with "upwards ambitions"?
** Moving on with the local emphasis, City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was part of a panel discussion regarding EXTREME Weather yesterday on ABC's "This Week with George "the former Clinton Aide" Stephanopoulos. No one should be surprise that a former Democratic-operative, turn member of the Main Stream Media, would stack a discussion on alleged EXTREME weather with shills advocating human-caused Climate Change. As for Mayor Garcetti's comments on the panel, maybe our first year Chief Executive should forgo espousing Climate Science for now and take a more EXTREME approach to something called an AGENDA as the likes of LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus and LA Wave Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant, keyboard missives on the new Mayor's lack of policy follow through.
** Back in this blogger's political backyard of CD 14 (both Downtown and east of LA River portions), Tom Topping of the Boulevard Sentinel Newspaper (and now daily updated webpage) caught this moment of upwards political day-dreaming via the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate", City Clowncilman Jose Huizar, at last week's "State of Eagle Rock Propaganda Event".
,”The other way I spend my time as a State Legislator.” The two term city councilman retracted it quickly and denied there was anything to it later, but he will be termed out eventually and his political future was obviously on his mind.  
..... maybe the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate" is already thinking about new public employment come July,1, 2015?
With no apologies to "MEAT/ Chief Parker", every vanity act of "Upward, Blind Political Ambition" needs a "MEATHEAD" supporter.

Meathead endorses "Boss D'Arcy Rizzo's" Greuel for Congress.
** Somewhere above, the late, great political observer Archie Bunker is nodding his head in affirmation that former Sitcom Son in Law, Rob "MEATHEAD" Reiner, is dead from the neck up, for endorsing former City Controller and Mayoral Candidate Wendy "Bozz D'Arcy Rizzo's" Greuel, to replace Henry Waxman in Congress.
Happy Holiday!!
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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